What I’m Wearing ~ 02.27.15 {featuring the uniform}

This week the cold returned to Texas, DFW started and ended the week with ice and snow, but thankfully Houston area didn’t. Which most importantly means we didn’t miss any school days we have to make up.  Last year we lost 2 holidays, one of which was Memorial Day and by end of May, I need a school holiday!!

Disclaimer: What I’m Wearing is in hopes inspiration for your closet, that I can give you some ideas from what I’m wearing. What fits you doesn’t always fit me. What fits me, doesn’t always fit you. So, we all know the style of jeans that work best for us, the brands of shoes we love, etc. I’m not a “linker” to buy all of these outfits here. Truth be told, a lot of my clothes are many many years old and I pick up things all around the place. I’m don’t update my wardrobe every season with the latest and greatest. I don’t have signed up for Pinterest, so if there’s something you like, you can “pin it” to save. Hopefully you’re just inspired, maybe by something you have and didn’t think about putting it together or maybe you are just looking for a simple accessory to add in and these posts can give you some ideas.
Monday was buffalo check, and Barney also had to wear his sweater.  🙂  I picked this fur vest up  randomly at Ross one day and have really liked it. One of my besties found the buff check shirt for me at Ross early this fall!  My jewelry is very fancy…the Kate Spade look-a-like studs are from Walmart for $2.88 and the pearls are also from Walmart.  I mentioned about these multi-layer necklaces before, they are easy accessory and Walmart is now carrying them in several colors for $7. Pants are Banana Republic outlet, they often feature pants 50% off and carry longs in the Outlet store which are perfect length for me. #bargainshopper

Since it’s not really cold very often here I have to wear the blanket scarf when I can.  Picked this one up in Zara while in NYC this year, however these are in online Boutiques and easily available. If you didn’t get one this year for fall/winter, now is the time for next year because they are on sale most places.  Pants navy with a tiny pinstripe.  I love layering up wooden bangles too. 

Wednesday was Crimson for Heart Awareness and our HOSA club.  I do love a jeans day and recently missed one, so this was marked on my planner!! That scarf is an American flag and includes navy with white stars but depending how you wear it, navy doesn’t have to show.  This week my scarf + cardigan uniform was in full force! Jeans are Gap Always Skinny and if you’re more of an “athletic leg” these skinny jeans might work for you! I wear the long in these and they are long enough for a good sized cuff as well. 

Wednesday night the World Famous Championship BBQ Cookoff at Rodeo Houston began and I couldn’t take the leftover BBQ smell in my hair. I washed it that morning and so it’s actually CLEAN in a ponytail.  If you’ve been here a while, a ponytail is usually a lazy day choice when really I should have washed my hair.  The iPhone doesn’t capture colors very well, but promise this neon orange tank matched the stripe in the scarf.  The bracelet is actually a wrapped necklace.  The stud earrings, another pair of Walmart $2.88 studs and friend asked me if they were Kate Spade.  🙂 Certainly not knocking the KS earrings, I have the prettiest green pair one of my besties gave me that I LOVE!!

TGIF. I needed the weekend in the worst way.  I really hate when the weeks are not the greatest and I’m just longing for the weekend.  Song lyrics that kept going through my mind this week were “you’ve got to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything“. I’m thankful for the things I stand for and that I was taught to stand up for them. When you lay down at night, you just need to know you’ve done your best and you live with your decisions. Everyone else lives with theirs. National FFA week was this week and we wore our shirts Friday.  FFA is one of those organizations that shaped my youth and contributed to values and taking responsibility that I still have today.  These are Anderson Bean boots and they are wear-all-day-comfortable from the first day I ever wore them!

Thankfully the weekend includes down time and fun with friends. People I’m so thankful for! 



  1. Laurie S on March 2, 2015 at 12:59 pm

    Hi Angie – Happy Monday! Sounds like you had a good weekend. Love all of your outfits – so stylish and pretty. Mr Barney looks snazzy in his buffalo check. My dog wouldn't wear anything else than her "natural fur" (but we compromise on the raincoat – no coat, no walk). Take care!

  2. angie on April 5, 2015 at 9:17 am

    Hi Laurie – thank you so much! A coat is definitely not Barney's favorite, but like you….it allows for a walk outside! Hope you're having a great Spring!

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