Spring Style!

There is something about the change of seasons.  I love it when summer finally starts to cool and there is a touch of fall in the air.  Equally so, after winter, I welcome the promise of days full of sunshine and warmer temps.  Transition to Spring in Texas can be a little tricky, often the morning and evenings still have a little chill in the air, while the days heat up. Here’s a few ideas on Spring from my closet…
I got this jacket at Anthro last summer at the end of the season on a ridiculous sale, like $19 or less even.  I only wore it a couple of times, but it was screaming Spring from my closet for a Saturday dinner out.  The other good news is the flare jeans I’ve had for several years have finally come back “in”. As a tall girl, flare has always been my favorite cut, so even though I’ve been “out”, these haven’t been hiding in the closet. 
Warm afternoons on a patio call for a tank top and a sweater in tow for when the sun goes down.  These closed toe wedges are one of my favorite seasonal transitions, even though they are sometimes hard to keep on! Anyone else have these from Target 2 summers ago??   There are so many great necklaces out right now with a pop of color and a tassel.  No matter your  style or budget, you can find one to fit.  I picked this one up at Sam Moon for I believe under $5. The stone is mint which is one of my favorites for Spring and Summer.  I go back and forth on skinny or wide cuffs for jeans, just whatever I feel that day.  This time, wide cuff. 

I attended a retreat recently for Women at my Church, it was such a great weekend.  However, the temps dropped and the rains came. Thankfully on Saturday the sun decided to show up again just as we were breaking for lunch.  I have worn this ruffle top under several Ts and tops and here again it is with a camo sweatshirt.  I do love a baseball cap and I was not feeling great this day, so wasn’t up for fixing my hair and the cap felt a little put together so I called it good enough.  I found myself looking not even a little put together the following morning in the HEB Redi-Clinic where my sinus infection finally won. 

I was home the weekend prior to Easter Sunday and made a quick trip through the local Marshall’s where the clearance sticker on this dress caught my eye. I wasn’t looking for a dress, but I’ve long learned when you’re really needing a dress it when you can’t find a dress.  I tried this on and it was perfect for Easter Sunday. I paired it with gray suede and leather heels, but will wear it with other shoes throughout the summer.  Nothing beats a simple shift dress and this is like nothing else in my closet as far as print and color.  I felt like this could also be worn with cardigan or jacket in other seasons. 

There is a prison in the town I grew up in and there used to be a famous Prison Rodeo.  When I saw this tank at RodeoHouston this year, I had to have it.  You might not want to refer to the prison rodeo but any graphic tank will do. Just toss a cardigan with it in case the temps change. Yes, these are the same jeans from above. Flare for life.  Flare with heels. Flare with cowboy boots.  Flare fan!

Another idea for night out, half tucked silky blouse and jeans.  As the weather warms I start to feel like my light jeans are better choice and the super dark jeans take a back seat.  I sat outside for dinner this night and was glad to have sleeves as the temps dropped after sundown.   

And, of course, it wouldn’t be honest if I didn’t show you most days after work/weekend days look something similar to this….cropped legging and a tunic. Yes, that is stripes peeking out.  I feel like anything goes with this legging print!

Happy Spring! Enjoy the longer light in the evenings and bringing out some new combinations from the closet as the fall & winter trifecta {boots, cardigans and scarves} take a backseat. 

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