Friday Favs …. 5:00 Weekend Whistle!

It is May. There are less than 25 school days left.  It is the weekend. I will let you guess which one of those is my most favorite….

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I set out this morning to treat my school bestie with a little May fun, and to my surprise I had a Latte treat waiting on my desk too! I love surprises and little treats are fun to give and also fun to receive!  Checked my box later in the day and a sweet friend sent snail mail (which is one of my favorite things) to my work, a great way to start and end my day!

Also, if you’re not on board with oversized studs, I highly recommend! They are available everywhere from Walmart ($2.88) to Sam Moon ($5.00) to boutiques ($9.99ish) to Nordstrom (BP for $8.00) and Kate Spade ($24-$38 depending on sale).  They for sure go with  EVERYTHING.

Speaking of snail mail…I recently sent out cards to my besties.  I found these and immediately thought they would make someone’s day to receive. I believe all of my friends are beautiful and sometimes we just need to be reminded.  Love to build up my sweet friends and recognize the unique gifts and talents they have and the gift of their friendship to my life. Cards are everywhere and taking a few minutes for a handwritten note will always make someone’s day! 

Sad news in Texas lately…the BlueBell has all been recalled.  I picked up this new flavor before the recalls happened, and hope it will come back when BlueBell is restored.  I never buy a 1/2 Gallon of ice cream, always a pint and just have a couple of spoon fulls every now and then as a favorite bedtime snack.

However, in the meantime, I found these Blueberry Wheat-fuls at Kroger recently in their “healthy/organic/whatever that section is” and they have become my favorite after school/night time snack. I don’t drink milk or eat milk on cereal, please reference the BlueBell pic, that is how I like my milk. Consequently I am picky about cereal. It’s usually a snack for me, not a substantial meal.  I love blueberry stuff, so thought these were worth a try!  They are delicious. I’ve already almost finished the 2nd box!  Also, they really do look like the picture and have a lot of blueberry topping!

While we’re talking about food….last Saturday morning I caught The Pioneer Woman on Food Network featuring breakfast for dinner, which is one of my favorite things!  I thought about this hash from Saturday morning at 9:30 until Sunday evening when I had been to the grocery store and finally cooked it up! (Also peppered bacon was on 1/2 price, and that is definitely a favorite!) Back to the hash, it is so quick & easy and so good! Here’s the page with official recipe, but this could be adapted so many ways!  I’ve had breakfast for dinner this week 4 of 5 nights.  I am also wanting to try Wild Rice pancakes from that segment. 
I have been off my morning routine for some time, due to Rodeo Houston followed by a month of being sick. My snooze button won out so many days.  However, I know when I get up and get started with reading my Bible my day is better and that time is my favorite of the day.  This week I was working through a current study which took me to the armor of God.  (Ephesians 6:10-20) After thinking about putting on the armor for everyday battles I face, I was reminded of one of my favorite quotes so I quickly lettered it to save. No matter what your favorite accessory or clothing item is to put on, make sure to put on your armor every day.  There’s no doubt prayer and the Word is the most effective in daily battles we face.

Speaking of good words, Melanie Shankle is such a gifted writer. I’ve read her blog for years and because she wrote them I read her book on children (Sparkly Green Earrings, no I don’t have children) and marriage (The Antelope in the Living Room, yes, I’m single) and now she’s really written to my heart with Nobody’s Cuter than You. All about besties and what they mean in our lives. I’m loving this book and soaking up the gift that is my circle of friends with each story. We grew up just a few years apart and while Melanie was showing off her bangs and hot rolled hair at A&M and the baseball fields I was teasing mine up as well at SHSU and the ag barn/school farm/pasture parties. Not only is Melanie sweet in her writing, she’s also sweet in her words and I am thankful for both. 

And at the end of the week, I’m thankful for all of my favorites, from food on my table to besties and sweet words. 

Blessings to you this weekend!


  1. The Parks on May 4, 2015 at 11:57 am

    1. Love you and am grateful for you and fun treats!
    2. Milk and cookies Blue Bell…what?!? Yum!
    3. Can't wait to read Melanie's book; maybe I can do that instead of grade tests!

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