What I’m Wearing ~ 05.08.15 {STAAR Sunday}

Nothing like being ready to hit publish and adding one more picture to lose everything already typed…so here goes again, probably shorter…

This week started with 3 days of STAAR End of Course testing and of course Friday is jeans/spirit shirts.  I’m not sure how Thursday was added in, but I will take it.  Instead of highlighting various High School spirit shirts, I thought I would post some recent Sunday Styles from the Spring.  Few recent Spring outfits were on the blog a couple of weeks ago too if you missed it.  Monday I was fortunate to be among the lucky ones to proctor and yes, that’s my best pair of “active monitoring” tennis shoes.

Before moving on, Wednesday I was twinning (unplanned) with our Ag Teacher who is also my Department Chair.  He was so helpful to me last year in my first year of teaching and navigating student organization, lesson plans, grade book, campus to-dos and so many more questions.  I would have never made it through!  He has an amazing opportunity ahead for his family and it is bittersweet to see him leave.  However, I know great things are ahead!

This dress was from a “last call” rack at Francesca’s which means there were only “singles” of each item left and they were 40% off. It is one of those dresses that is comfortable, requires really nothing extra and versatile to occasion.  It can be worn with heels, wedges, flats.  Perfect for a party, wedding, night out, church (which was this day) or bridal/baby shower.  I love dresses like this that do all of the work with none of the fuss, mostly meaning uncomfortable. 

Because I believe in keeping it real, this day my hair was past due to be washed. However, I was working out right after church and try not to wash my hair knowing within 12 hours it will have to be done again if at all possible!  #lazy So, a little dry shampoo, teasing comb, headband and it was done.  This dress is one I’ve worn with heels, wedges, flip flops and even boots/legging/cardigan in the winter.  It has definitely earned it’s 8:98 keep from Target clearance.  The hem is a little longer in the back, much like a favorite tank top, but in a dress. 

Speaking of Target, I’ve never been to Target on release day of a designer collection until #LillyforTarget. Wow.  Safe to say I only got in and got this dress because of a lady who “left her spot in line because your worker said they were opening both doors” and I was outside the grocery side and a benefactor of her rant when she had finally argued enough to get the guy to open up both doors. All racks were literally emptied by the handful within about 60 seconds of women arriving to them.  It was greed at its best. Sadly, most of those items probably made their way to eBay and no one had any intention of wearing them.  This dress was the only thing I had seen in the preview I really wanted to try and get, so I was happy to have gotten it.  I received questions about the quality, it is lined, and I think in line with any Target dress quality. It has a fun v back and tie and again requires no fuss and will be great all summer! 

This Easter I was intending to just wear a dress I had until I ran through Marshall’s and picked up this dress from the clearance rack.  It is a (hard to see in pics) light pink with various gray watercolor marks.  I paired with gray heels and handbag.  I love a shift dress, clearly as this is 3rd of 4 dresses that is a simple shift.  This dress has still been in Marshall’s recently, and for $15!!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mama’s out there, I am sure  thankful for mine! This is the same scarf from the school day pics (wore it on Cinco de Mayo) I recently found at Charming Charlie. I have looked for a while for a summer print and this one with bright pattern and orange pompom trim finally was the answer to my search! I haven’t been there in a long time, however, they seem to have revised their pricing back to reasonable and I would imagine in the Houston market that is due to competing with Sam Moon. I will always support competition in the name of buy one get one FREE scarves!

When I looked back at my previous Sunday Style post, I didn’t realize it has been since the end of last summer that I posted Sunday pics. You can keep up with them regularly via Facebook or Instagram. However, that posts shows 3 of the outfits included here, worn differently and proof of versatility and re-wear of my closet items, just like this scarf on Tuesday and Sunday!


Texas has had some crazy weather these last few weeks and this week looks no different. Stay safe if you’re in the pattern of storms and stay strong through the finish of the school year! Summer is coming!

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