Summer Reading List 2015

With just a few school days left that means it’s time to get my summer reading list together!  I wrote one at the end of last summer (read it here) and have not read nearly as much through the school year as I would have liked.  If I’m going to get to all the books on  my summer list, I will again need to read one book per week!

My Mom was a Librarian and I really never did love to read, which has obviously changed, and this year our Library had “READ” posters on display all year. We received them from the library the week before Mother’s Day, so I lovingly included it with my Mom’s Mother’s Day gift.  🙂  Don’t worry, it wasn’t her only gift, but I do think that I’ve learned to love to read and can discuss books with my Mom is truly a gift! 

Here’s what is on my list this summer….all images and links are for 

Flashthe homeless donkey who taught me about life, faith and second chances.  I have seen this book mentioned over and over by lots of people who have read other books I’ve also read.  I love to see people’s book requests on social media and responses, I find out about lots of good books this way!

All The Light We Cannot See – My Librarian lent me this book earlier in the year, but I haven’t attempted reading it yet, it’s a long one, and I knew I wouldn’t make it through it.  However, it’s #1 on my summer list and has received top reviews!

Bird by Birdsome instructions on writing and life.  Since you’re reading my blog, you know I like to write.  I recently asked some of my favorite authors how many words are in a book….apparently about 60,000.  Yikes.  But, I have a dream to one day write a book and this book has been one I’ve seen recommended over and over for writers.  I will probably read a chapter or so of this in the mornings with my coffee and Bible Study. 

Hot Chocolate in Junea true story of love, loss and restoration. This is another one I’ve seen posted on some of my favorite blogs and figured it is worth a read. 

The One and Only because every summer needs a beach read!  I’ve never read Emily Giffin, shocking to some, but have always heard good things.  So, I might find more of her books on my list after this one.  I’m assuming some of you have read this one!

Scary Closedropping the  act and finding true intimacy. This is one that has been recommended to me as well as Donald Miller’s other books.  I am always fascinated by people’s behaviors and the walls we all build up to certain circumstances and I think this book might give some good insight.

ServiceA Navy Seal at war. I read Marcus Luttrell’s Lone Survivor several years ago and have had this book for a couple of years.  It spent a little time in storage, but it’s time to get it read!  I would also like to read American Sniper and Taya Kyle’s new memoir American Wife

Seamless – Understanding the Bible as one complete story. Last year I did Beth Moore’s Children of the Day Bible Study through the summer and I loved it.  I was a member of the launch team for Seamless and am looking forward to working through this study this summer. I have read several of Angie Smith’s books, she is a gifted writer. 

SavorLiving abundantly where you are, as you are.  This book released and was mentioned on all my favorite blogs.  It’s 365 devotions, so another book that will be in my “coffee stack” for mornings at my bar this summer.  Plus it is the prettiest linen covered book with navy trimmed pages. Would make a great  gift for someone too!

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If you have a favorite book I would love to hear about it! 

Happy Reading!


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