The Perfect Everything Cart by IKEA

I am a fan of organized space, and lately my dining table has become a lettering studio as I’m working on canvas paintings.  (Click here to see Lettering Lately or follow on Instagram.) The clutter was starting to wear on me and I needed a solution to regain my table space when needed and still have easy access to all of my painting supplies.  I was in Marshall’s recently and saw a couple of cute carts that would be perfect, except they were priced at $79 and $89 and that was WAY more than I wanted to spend. I remembered the IKEA Utility (formerly “kitchen”) Cart and looked it up while in Marshall’s to price compare and was reminded it was only $29. I almost left immediately and drove to IKEA, but knew I would be in the city later in the week, so I refused the urge, for a couple of days.

Here’s the before table shot:

If you’re not an IKEA shopper, you could lose your mind in the maze, and when you finally find your way out most of their things are in boxes with assembly required.  However, this took me about 15 minutes to put together, so it is very simple and easy to follow directions!!

My trusty assistant while I was working on assembly was working on his own mess…

I met up with a few friends at the pool right after I went to IKEA and before I could say “kit” of “kitchen cart” they all knew exactly what I was talking about and asked what color  I got! I got the steel gray color, but it also comes in a very fun turquoise and not-as-fun-but-equally-functional taupe. The cart is very sturdy and friends talked about using it for kids toys/coloring & art supplies, bath items, cookie making supplies, school supplies, So, really, it’s not the kitchen cart, it’s the anywhere in your house cart.  Here is the cart put together!  
Here are my shelves as organized for painting supplies…bottom shelf, small canvases, shipping/packing materials, my fancy color mixing plastic plate, and other catch all items.  The tin bucket is from Hobby Lobby and was 50% off in the metal sale. Getting the right containers to help organize the cart was all consuming for me for about half the day, but found just the right pieces at Hobby Lobby, Ross and Marshall’s! 🙂 #OCDinfullforce

Middle shelf is stocked full of paint colors with a little room to grow/add more colors!

Top shelf contains all the things I use the most.  They are mostly divided up in tin buckets. Paint brushes/sponges, paint pens, finishing materials and few extras as needed.

Before and after…using ALL the space!! 🙂 One day when I have a studio/office space it might be lined with these carts.  I love that they can easily move around, are sturdy and hold lots of stuff!!

Finally, here’s my table after. The cart can roll into a closet, canvas picked up and “centerpiece” of the table moved back to its place and I have reclaimed my dining table! #MissionAccomplished

A week into using this cart and  I’m sure this is one of my favorite things, so I’m linking up for Friday Favorites!! In fact, I might see reason to have more than one in my house eventually, I think this could easily become one of your favorites too!  
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