Monday Confessions

I’ve been in a cycle of convenience lately, and I think it is time to break the cycle. It started during Rodeo, on the heels of Spring time change and when my free time also hits an all time low. I maintained a schedule of minimal sleep, full school days, long volunteer shifts and lots of late nights and weekend fun with my friends. Somewhere in there I slacked on my morning routine opting instead for the snooze button and also increased my drive-thru appearances picking up quick food on the go.

About 18 months ago I had a good break up with fast food and only ate it occasionally.  I am certainly not anti-fast food, I do live in Texas, home of Whataburger and I love a fountain Dr Pepper.  Through these months I have noticed my energy level was down, I was sick for almost an entire month fighting an infection (and I’m sure fatigue didn’t help) and my workouts were few and far between, partially due to days and days of rain Texas has endured this year.

All of these things are excuses.  
Aren’t we all good at making excuses?    

It’s time to get back to my routine. Really all of this amounts to is convenience over a commitment to what is important to me. It’s not about a number on the scale, not about counting calories, or size in my clothes.  It IS about being healthy and feeling my best both mentally and physically.

I figured if I confessed it, it would make me more accountable to myself to do something about it.  The summer schedule allows me free time most mornings to spend in my favorite routine: coffee + Bible study + reading books that challenge my character and goals. When I’m jogging, the heat, or really humidity, is extreme. If I’m fueled up with the best nutrients for my body, that helps me perform at my best when I exercise.

Maybe you’re not in the same rut I am, but there’s something else that is convenience to you vs. commitment to a change you want to see. We don’t have to wait until the first of the year or a new month or new week to commit to change. I’m not getting on a “program” to see drastic results.

It is a simple formula for me:  Preparation + Commitment.

I am just going to commit to myself to do what is important to me. To prepare for days that are busy, make sure I rest when I need to, fill my mind and heart with truth to fight the demands of the world on a daily basis and do my best for a healthy body from the inside out.

Also, in the spirit of confessions, I feel like you should know I washed my hair last Monday and not again until Saturday night. This pic was Friday night, also the first day I put on makeup since Sunday for church. It is summer after all. 🙂

Cheers to you! We can do it!  Let’s prep and commit! 

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