Linkup: What’s Up Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday!  Hump Day for those of you getting through the work week!

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  1. What I’m eating this week…
    Breakfast has looked like this most days post workout.

    Also, I just picked up this new Whipped Peanut Butter.  Delish!! I grew up on Peter Pan and have made it this far without organic peanut butter and every time I’ve bought organic it is weird tasting and very oily, so Peter Pan it is!


  2. What I’m reminiscing about…. 
    Last week was a fun week at the 4G with my nephew and nieces.  We will have another week in July and it has made me nostalgic as they have all turned another year older in the last month.  Their personalities are in full bloom and every stage brings on new adventures. I love being an Aunt, from when they were tiny and dependent to these days as they are 8 & 6 and learning independence, but still love to be held, read to and loved on.  
  3. What I’m loving…. 
    The morning. I love the morning, and think if work could start about 9:30 I would really start off on the right foot every day and have so much accomplished by then.  I would still like the {school} work day to to end by 3:10 though. My mornings when I’m at home are becoming routine…dog out, workout (bike, walk, jog or swim laps), cool off (it’s 1000% humidity here lately), shower, make breakfast, Bible Study and  then start my day…
  4. What I’ve been up to….
    Summer vacation for this teacher! Hallelujah! Most days include a workout, making breakfast, reading, house project, blogging, creating canvas letter art, and the pool. I’ve also been babysitting, hanging out with family and friends and sometimes taking a nap. Barney has been taking lots of naps on the new bedding.

  5. What I’m dreading…. 
    I finally crossed vacuuming off my to-do list, which apparently I had been dreading for the excessive amount of time it was on the list without being crossed off.  I also need to dust, one of my most dreaded chores.  
  6. What I’m working on…. 
    Dreams. Trying to take time to tend my creative side this summer. Creating lettered art and writing on my blog.  Practically I’m also working on cleaning out my closet, exercise and other things that get pushed to the side during the school year.
  7. What I’m excited about….
    Honestly, there’s nothing huge I’m excited about. I have several fun things planned this summer, none of them are major (like a trip to tropical island) but all involve quality time with friends and that makes me happy. 
  8. What I’m watching/reading…. 
    Watching…The Bachelorette – that’s another topic in itself. I’ve watched since Season 2 of this show, and there’s definitely been some better seasons than others. But, I’m still watching it.  I watched Astronaut Wives Club last week, though I’m not much of a TV watcher I might watch this series. Summer reading makes me happy and I’ve almost  finished my 2nd book…The Invention of Wings. I already finished All The Light We Cannot See and just checked out The Rosie Effect to read next.  I’ve also been reading to littles this summer….
  9. What I’m listening to…
    Currently – silence.  I know that is way weird to some, but most of the time when I am at home I don’t have on the TV or music or anything for  background noise.  Maybe that comes from being in so many places with lots of noise (I teach High School) that silence really is golden for me.  I do love my iPod for workouts though, and have a few news songs to add for summer playlist.   
  10. What I’m wearing…. 
    These days, the laundry looks like this plus a bunch of socks, so mostly that means I’m wearing my uniform: Nike shorts & Tanks/Ts.

    Other days of the summer have looked like this…more coming soon on what I’m wearing this summer since school is over and the weekly What I’m Wearing posts are done. 

  11. What I’m doing this weekend… 
    Not sure about this weekend…yet. 
  12. What I’m looking forward to next month… 
    July will include another week with my nephew + nieces at my Mom and Dad’s, working a show with a friend, going to Ft Worth and who knows what else…all are things I’m looking forward to.  
  13. What else is new…..
    Nothing major right now.  It’s one of those seasons where nothing big is happening, which I’m ok with. 
  14. What am I doing for the 4th… 
    Not sure about this yet either…there’s a few options, but one will include time with a bestie who’s in town from out of town and the rest is TBD!  #SingleGirl
Have a great day and rest of your week, no matter what’s up! 


  1. husbandhousefamily on June 24, 2015 at 2:32 pm

    I'm right there with you about this season of the Bachelorette. Oh Kaitlyn… Astronauts Wives Club looked cute, maybe I'll start that this weekend!

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