Ramblings…a few thoughts about all kinds of things

None of these really warrant a long post, but a few thoughts about a few things lately…

I got a bike a couple of years ago for my birthday, I love having a bike and ride it pretty regularly, used to out in the country at my parents and now on the suburb sidewalks and trails. Since I got my bike I have looked for a basket for the front, something that could hold a phone, keys, lock, whatever – but all I could find sold separately were huge baskets. I finally found this bike bag at Target recently and it is perfect!! I got it the same weekend I was home and learned how to change my tire and successfully got my bike back together with new inner tube in/aired up and strapped this little bag on (it can also go on under your seat, but my seat didn’t have place to attach) and it turned out to be just what I needed!

Garth Brooks is in the midst of his Houston tour and I hadn’t really given thought to going to the concert – even though there were eight, yes EIGHT shows here in town. Until last Saturday morning when I started seeing on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter how great the Friday night shows were. I started to regret not getting tickets, so I did what any wise networking person does and posted it on social media to which I got a quick response from a friend with tickets for sale and Saturday night I was at Garth with one of my besties for what turned out to be the greatest concert I’ve ever been to!! It is hard to compete with George Strait on the 8th row of the floor for The Cowboy Rides Away tour, but Garth is so high energy and everyone in the place was on their feed for the whole show and singing along. It is a whole different story how many lyrics I could call up from 20+ years ago because we sang along to EVERY song!! I loved it and would honestly see the show again!

Fresh flowers in my house was one of my New Year’s resolutions this year…and these spider flowers are one of my favorites to have around. They are only $3.99 at the grocery store and last at least 10 days. This week they were especially large and I have really loved them! Simple, little things.

My church recently moved locations and they think of everything!  I love the coffee they serve regularly — Texas Pecan. Now serving at our new location…Iced Coffee! Brilliant! Such a summer treat!! I love Sundays, my church, our Pastor, the worship music, friends I’ve made there and coffee. In fact, this week I spent two afternoons with girls from my church I have gotten to know over the last year in my Discipleship Group. Friendship is such a treat and I am so thankful for the friends of all ages and stages of life that I have met through my church! They pray for, laugh with, cry with, cheer on, follow up and encourage me on a daily basis!

Have you seen these “Chilly Towels” at the checkout counter and thought “scam” as you passed them?  You should turn around and add one to your basket!  I had seen these, but not really thought much about them until my Mom got me one for my birthday last year. She said I needed something to cool off during hot runs jogs. I don’t like carrying things with me when I’m jogging, and I don’t carry this. But, I wet it before I leave and when I get home it is cool and refreshing and really does help cool me down, and soak up the extreme sweat. 🙂 #sweatygirl

This is what I love about summer…the pool to myself and a good book! I’ve finished up 4 books and started the 5th. Click here for my Summer Reading: June Book Review!


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