Lettering Lately

I have continued to do lots of lettering projects this summer.  It’s definitely been one of my favorite things – seeing words come to art…Click here to see previous lettering projects.

This one was for one of my college besties and it hangs in the perfect spot between their kitchen and living room.  She has lots of bright colors in her house, and this saying makes us giggle! She is an amazing wife, mama, daughter, sister, Aunt, friend and so much more and manages to always keep smiling and laughing, despite going through very hard seasons.

This was created for a friend’s Mom who was recently elected to a Judge position and will hang in her office as a gift from her daughter.

I will confess, I didn’t know who Albus Dumbledore was!?  #NoHarryPotterShaming  I love good quotes that make you think, and this one was for my Librarian and will be on display in our school.  Great words and lesson for our students.  Right isn’t always easy, but right is always worth it!!

This is one of my favorite verses, and a friend requested it for a birthday gift to one of her besties. She has a beach/neutral theme house and this has {though hard to see} metallic background that reminded me of sand.

Renovations are hot topic right now, and canvas work can be renovated too!  I didn’t do this original but took it from tans to grays for a sweet little boy in his new room in a new house with new paint! This was a gift from his grandmother, has hung over his crib and continues to hang over his bed. This project was very tedious, but I loved the results and it is fun to see how just a little color change changes everything!

As for how tedious…this was mid-dot…

I was at Happy Hour recently and a friend brought a little chalkboard for me to letter for a baby shower.

This chalkboard is one of my favorite things in one of my bestie’s home.  She always has fun greetings written on it and I was babysitting the night before 4th of July and a party at their house, so I lettered the board for the party. I have another chalkboard coming up for a friend’s wedding…I am going to re-do it a couple of times for different events from the engagement photos to  the wedding.

A couple of Sundays ago our Children’s Pastor asked me to make a banner for the campus Children’s Pastor return from maternity leave. I sat down behind the divider walls as children were gathering for church and lettered this banner. It was fun to see her back at church!

I’ve got several projects in the works including lettering on a wall and lots of other canvases to create. Here’s one almost finished, a “Favorite Things” collage for a teenage girl’s birthday! It turned out really fun, can’t wait for her Mama to give it to her.  I will post the full view of this one in an upcoming Lettering Lately post!

As always, I’m taking orders and can ship canvas as well!  Let me know! 

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