Lettering Lately

Here’s what’s been happening in the Lettering Studio lately, and by studio I mean my dining room table! 🙂
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This quote was one I did on a canvas previously, and I had a friend request it painted on her wall in their workout garage. This was the first time I’ve done wall lettering, and I do everything free hand, so this was certainly a challenge and I kept telling myself while painting it, if it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you. Finished size is probably 4′ x 4.5′-5′.

I love favorite things and this Mama had a big 17th birthday party filled that was so fun for her daughter! Think limo, dinner, hotel, unlimited snacks, besties, scavenger hunt and more! I created this canvas for her with lots (about 22 or so) of her favorite things incorporated. Click on the pic to enlarge it.  This was an 18″x20″ canvas.

A sweet baby is on the way, actually due any day now for a girl I babysat since she was 6-weeks old & her husband. His name will be Oliver and the nursery is black, white, gold, hints of red…think Harry Potter for baby! This is a block canvas, 4″x12″.

A sweet friend recently got engaged and is using this chalkboard for her “Save the Date” announcements and will re-use at her wedding.  Chalkboards are an easy decorative addition to any party or event, even just a special family day (think birthdays, anniversaries, first days of school, graduations, good report cards, first job, potty training and everything in between!) This board is 20″x20″.

This chalkboard is in the home of one of my besties, shown before with 4th of July emphasis. Changed it up for August and will switch it again soon for back to school! This one is done with good old fashioned chalk! If you have a board you would like done, I can do permanent, removable, or combo.  I’ve got First Day of School boards coming up next.

Took a quick canvas break to paint some banners for my church. We have a community/church VBS-like event for 3 nights in August. These were for the Bible Story locations, which were dug-outs because they met at a big baseball facility. Our church does an amazing job setting up and making anywhere feel like home! These are 3′ by about 10′-11′. Party banners are also available!

This canvas was dual-purpose…part decoration for a Bachelorette Party and part gift to the bride for her new home. Can be used throughout the year for parties and gatherings in their home. Again, I do all free-hand and hadn’t done a monogram before, but see above, if it doesn’t challenge you….  This is a 10″x10″ canvas. The color was almost Tiffany blue/turquoise, but the iPhone doesn’t really do it justice.  
Sometimes a blank canvas can really stump me. This one had me for a bit…it’s 24″x36″, so large and going in a baby room, will transition to big-girl room and I had complete creative rein to do what I wanted! Sometimes that’s  harder for me than being given direction! I had recently renovated her brother’s canvas (here) and wanted this one to be girlie, whimsy and classic all at the same time. Here’s how it ended up and I will post a final picture of it hung in her room in the future! Her Mama (& Daddy) both loved it! Again, click the picture to see larger and detail. It is pink, parchment, silver and gold. 
Of course more are on the way, and if you have an order, please let me know! You can message me via Facebook and follow along for sneak peeks of what I’m working on via Instagram


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    DYNAMITE details as usual!

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