The Dog Days of Summer

It is the last day of summer, and it’s been busy few weeks for Barney (and me) ….

He makes it a priority to take a nap (or 6) each day.  He makes the couch and blanket look so good, it would make anyone want to lay down on the couch for a nap….and I’ve indulged in a few naps this summer too….

He has taken to the new bedding pretty quickly, and tries out different spots throughout the day…I’ve taken to the new bedding too and enjoyed a few lazy mornings myself.  Next week is going to be a major adjustment to my mornings…

Laundry can be exhausting, and I find myself putting off the chores sometimes in the summer…like putting the clean sheets on the bed. It takes less than 5 minutes but I will procrastinate and put it off All.Day.Long. until I’m so sleepy and finally get up to do it….

In between naps, B does keep up with what’s going on around  here, checking out anything new and making sure nothing is for him….despite most days in shorts/t’s/no makeup there’s been a few dress up days… 
Summer isn’t all work naps and no play, finding just the toy he wants and having a little playtime, but that usually results in another nap…my summer playtime has been family time, meals/coffee/treats/happy hour with friends, pool time, reading, creating, cooking, babysitting, road trips and more.     

Sometimes keeping up with all the goings on is a balancing act…looking out the window on the world and watching what’s going on inside. I love days at home and days away and I feel like this has been a good summer with balance of both.

Outside is always a favorite. B loves the sunshine and I do too!  Let’s be honest, he loves outside the most for the potty reward treat (shout out to those of you who have endured potty training this summer). I have gone many a mile this summer outside…walking, jogging (in my new Asics)  and biking, on my favorite trails, in local neighborhoods and cities while traveling, with friends and by myself.  I love the outside workouts for the rewards too, like cake for breakfast!

B has had a couple of getaways to the 4G, which includes equal parts rest and pacing…following my Mom doing her chores, squeezing in the chair with my Dad while he’s working or napping in the recliner, rearranging the pillows on all 3 beds to his liking for the perfect nap spot, hanging clothes on the line, supervising Uno games with the littles, trying to get a bite into a fresh loaf of bread (or buns, or whatever he can), wondering when I’m coming back, and making sure I don’t leave without him. This summer included most of 3 different weeks at the 4G for me too, with the littles and my Mom and Dad. Those are precious days of memories, sweet conversations, reading, swimming, coloring, feeding horses, lots of cake, Mom cooking all of our favorites, VBS, legos, blocks, playing store, fixing ponytails and naps with my sweet nephew + twin nieces,

And next week we go back to our routine, he sees me off in the morning, as if he’s sad, but I know what’s really on his agenda, {refer back to the top of this post}, but it will be good to be back in routine. I think. It’s going to take a few days to break the stay up late, get up by 7, nap in the afternoon cycle…
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