Back to School: Grown Up Supply List

My name is Angie. I love school supplies and office supplies.

Even though it’s only been a couple of years that I have officially gone “back to school” every year when school supplies appear in July, I find my happy place in those aisles.  This goes way back, like to when I had a school room and bank in my bedroom and I ran both of those with great precision of paper shuffling. Each business required ample supplies and I loved all of them and begged teachers for extra mimeograph copies (purple ink if you were not born in the 70’s) of worksheets and any blank check of sample or some canceled/non-existing account. Of course I needed pens to grade papers and write/process checks.

And I still love pens. Specifically Pilot G2 038. So much so that I put my crazy on full display when I yelled asked out loud in a meeting room “who had taken my pen and that it was a Pilot G2 038”, 😐 #keepingitreal #owningit I mean really, there’s more G2s in the world, but they are my favorite and I’m loyal to them.

Recently at TJMaxx I found this acryllic drawer organizer in the bath section and took a pen out of my pencil bag in my purse to test out the drawers and if it would work for me. #repurpose So, what’s in it?  All of my Crayola twistables that I use for my journaling Bible. Also, my Flair pens, Micron pens and a few others I use for lettering projects and journaling. It’s perfect and I leave it out on my bar and reach into it regularly for a favorite pen!

Here’s a collection of things I’ve picked up lately that are all bargains and deals and perfect for the home “office” desk! I’ve collected these over a couple of months, so threw them together for a pic. Most are from Marshall’s/TJ Maxx, they have great paper and books, but you have to check the stores regularly because inventory always changes. Any of these items could also double as a gift. I often buy things like this ahead for gifts when I see them and have it ready when for a birthday or other occasion.

Choose Happy Book – great gift and good quotes on choosing happy – TJ Maxx
Small gray notebooks – TJ Maxx – perfect for gifts and keep one in your bag to take notes on the run
2016 small desk calendar – Marshall’s 
Fun binder clips – Marshall’s 
Write on cocktail napkins – Marshall’s 
Pause coffee cup – Marshall’s 
Thank you cards – Marshall’s – used them all up for my birthday blessings! #sendsnailmail
Ruler -Office Depot – who has great back to school really cheap deals!
Polka dot envelopes – Office Depot – great for keeping coupons or receipts handy and organized 
More G2 pens and now they come in metallic!! Swoon!! – Office Depot 
Note cards – Michael’s – $1 bin 
G2 Pencils – what?! – Target
Blessed is she who believed notebooks – May Designs – on their 50% off sale
The week before I went back to work I met up with one of my besties who has two sweet littles going to Kindergarten and 1st grade and she gave me this back to school gift, which teachers of her littles will also receive!  Green (my fav color) pen, notebook and cool arrow push-pins.  This was a fun surprise, and helped start my year off “write”!

Finally, the planner. In 2015 I have tried the Day Designer – didn’t love it, the Ink Well Press – better than DD, but still didn’t love it, and now picked up the Happy Planner from Create 365 which is also available at Hobby Lobby and Michael’s. It is a “bargain” at $24.99 compared to most other online planners (I had an Erin Condren teacher planner last year) which range from $50 and up, BUT you can use your 40% off coupon making it about $14! AND, if you’re a teacher, you get extra % off at Michael’s!  #bargainshopper

What I like about this planner…
– pages are removable 
– there are all kinds of additions to the planner: folders, paper, extra months, budget, stickers, etc 
– lots of good quotes throughout and I love a good quote! 
– monthly reflection page
– morning, afternoon, evening layout – this is up for debate if this will really work for me…to be continued
– no lines!! on monthly calendar page or on weekly blocks! 
For all of you who just bought $$$$ of school supplies, you might not  want to look at another “supply”, but find a pen you love, pick up some fun note cards, send snail mail and schedule out some time for yourself. You’ve earned it! 
*Please imagine this was all handwritten with a Pilot G2 038 because that’s really how I prefer to write. 🙂


  1. Heather Connelly on September 2, 2015 at 5:22 am

    Love all the fun stuff! I need to check out Marshalls and TJ Maxx!

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