What I’m Wearing ~ Back to Life, Back to Reality

So, the end of summer has come, and it’s back to work and back to routine. Fortunately, we have a week of In-service, which helps with the adjustment and prolongs the “professional attire” for one more week.

So, I started back to “school” aka In-service like this…in leggings and T’s most every day of the week. A couple of days were jeans and school shirts, but nothing too formal. Mix prints for more fun!

Old Navy star sweatshirt, Target Mossimo T and leggings

And another day…”dressed” this up with my new necklace, a sweet birthday present from a friend. Just FYI if you’re looking for printed leggings at Target, they are in the “regular clothes” not in the workout clothes.  A helpful sales girl got these off the mannequin for me, and her words “Yes, we have leggings in regular section now because people wear them for regular clothes.”. Ha! Not sure what that says about us, but heck, some days are just leggings days so they might as well be printed and cute.  🙂

Target T& Leggings, Walmart Earrings and Kendra Scott necklace
This is one of those versatile sundresses. I wore it during Rodeo with boots (as seen here) and again this summer with wedges for Sunday church.  I am 5’9″, so when I feel like dress might be a little short, I toss on a little lace skirt under for safety. 🙂 Same earrings and necklace as above — from leggings to a dress. 
Target dress, Splendid wedges, Walmart earrings, Kendra Scott Necklace
This was my first day of school outfit.  Seersucker and wedges. This dress was one I have worn before on Sunday for church. As of 10:20 pm on Sunday night before going back to school (with students there) I hadn’t put sheets on my bed, made my lunch or picked out what I was wearing. This was a last minute-Monday-morning decision. 
Target dress, Jessica Simpson wedges from DSW, Walmart earrings

I love a cardigan. At this point I’m ready for the fall trifecta: cardigan, scarf and boot/ie. Target had all cardigans on sale for $15 recently (never buy a full price cardigan there -they will go on sale) and I picked this one up. This is the same T as above with leggings, and worked perfect for a school day because the AC has returned to full speed and my classrooms are chilly!

Target cardi & T, Loft skirt, Kendra Scott earrings, Beautiful and Beloved necklace, BCBG pumps

Of course it hasn’t been all work and no play. We have seen a couple of evenings that have hit the 70’s and that’s reason enough for me to pull out a tank + sweater + shorts.  All very unreasonable if you ask my nephew, shorts and long sleeves don’t go together. #boys True story, this sweater is one I’ve had in a Resale pile, but I think it might make the cut to keep for this year…

Target Tank, Old Navy cutoffs, Splendid gold wedges, Ables Mercantile clutch, Kendra Scott necklace

It told the story of this Lilly for Target dress here, and wore it again for Sunday church.  I do love the back of this dress, fun detail for a simple shift.  Earrings are from Sam Moon, if you’ve not shopped there, they have lots of “look-a-likes” for $3.50! You should check it out!  #BargainShopper For 2 summers and counting Splendid wedges have been my go-to and looks like they will repeat for next year too! Classic cognac stands test of time and simple design also lasts through trends.

Lily for Target dress, Sam Moon earrings and Splendid wedges.


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