The only thing that stays the same….

Somewhere around the turn of the millennium and the panic of anticipation for how computers and all things electronic would function as of 12:00:00 January 1, 2000 a guy named Spencer Johnson wrote the book Who Moved My Cheese.  Shortly after the new millennium I remember being assigned a work “book study” of this book with the anticipation that it would be life changing for all of us. As if we would find ourselves in these brief pages.

It wasn’t. 

Big life change doesn’t scare me. It doesn’t make me wonder what in the world is going to happen. I always look toward an opportunity. I am a builder. I love the challenge of new; creating and developing programs, training, problem solving, designing and implementing systems and  teaching those around me along the way.

{In fact in Tulsa, Oklahoma on December 31, 1999 after spending the day at the World’s Richest Calf Roping we went out for a bit and then took to the streets to see what happened when the clock struck the year 2000. Nothing happened. Every red light, fast food restaurant, cell phone and electric switch still worked. I could only think of all those people who had been in such a panic for YEARS leading up to the change.}

Through the years what I have learned there is one constant in life: change.   
Last year as I packed up my classrooms for the summer I had a feeling I wasn’t going back to my school in my same position. I had interviewed for a different position at the end of school, but didn’t have the years of experience teaching to qualify. I didn’t really tell anyone about this, I just knew what was meant to be for me would work out.  I prayed about it over the summer and had a mentor who prayed some very specific things for me as well in July based on my interest, passion and experience. 
As summer was coming to an end, I got a message from a friend about an opening, that would likely fit my skills and combine my classroom and corporate experience.  I applied online and found myself back in my suit the day before my birthday and less than a week before I was due back to work. The following Monday I went back to work, knowing in the back of my mind all things could be about to change.  

After a week of In-service on Friday afternoon before school started on Monday I had the official word. Change was coming. However, I had school to start on Monday, 100+ students coming through my door, 4 various classes to teach through the day and a couple of HR calls to make as well.  I had my room minimally ready, though most of my personal things were still in boxes.

I sat down with my Principal on the second day of school…I had an offer, and would be breaking my contract.  That meeting was fine, I set a last day at school and went on about my day, prepping for the next days classes all the while working on plans for what we’ve been doing in 4 various classes and  suggestions going forward for the new teacher to keep classes going. A couple of days later, I got a note in my mailbox from my Mom,she sent it the day of my meeting, specifically praying for my change.

Only a handful of people knew change was coming. Those who had prayed for me throughout my interview process and a very few friends at school. I went to our first Football game on Friday night, one week of school done, two weeks to go for me. I was surrounded by dear friends I’ve made at work and watched our students truly shine. This is the first year for a Senior class, we celebrated the first touchdown of the season, watched the fight in our athletes on the field after a hard year, our fine arts programs performances, the cheers from the student section and the stands were packed full. Brick by brick, the programs and campus have grown. Brick by brick I grew in education too, and that Football game was such a picture of all things from my years in the classroom.

But my passion lies deeper. I believe there is a gap – students who aren’t equipped for college or careers upon completion of High School. Students who are missing practical skills and applying what they have learned. Graduation from High School is a student’s greatest accomplishment to that date in their lives. They should be ready, not fearful for change into college or a career. 
It is our job to equip them. 
So, that’s what I’m going to do at the largest ISD in Texas. Work with programs that are equipping teachers with Corporate experience to apply in their classrooms and partnering with local businesses to offer students real world internships to apply their classroom knowledge.  The perfect mix of my corporate and education experience.
Embracing change, 


  1. Laurie S on September 14, 2015 at 2:19 pm

    Congratulations on your new position with the ISD, Angie! And way to go with how you embrace change! I'm such a "locked in place" person and stubborn to change – even as it steamrolls me over. You go girl! I'll keep you in prayers during this time of changes and adjustments! Woof to Mr B!

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