#write31days – Oct 7 – WAITing for likes

In a world of connected technology, a little red circle with a number on it is always an excuse to check our phones…we have a notification, it needs immediate response. Someone has maybe “liked” something we have posted or maybe they have called, texted or emailed.

When I was in High School the equivalent would be getting a couple of notes that day at school, a message waiting on the answering machine at home or a face-to-face compliment. Having been back in a High School environment the last couple of years I have seen the impact of technology on self confidence.

Who’s got the most likes, views, shares, re-tweets, messages, best #hashtag, perfect selfie and on and on.  Somehow, those numbers have begun to equate to significance and self worth.  But, this isn’t just for teens/young adults. In my circles I have seen the social media/technology impact as well.

No matter what we can agree on one thing: we like to be liked. 

But when you put something out to a social media platform or online posting, sometimes the WAIT can really begin to make us question our worth. Do I even have friends? Why won’t they respond? Who are they with? Does anyone think I’m pretty?

When WAITing for likes becomes a conflict of worth, it’s time to stop and take a real inventory, identify where your worth comes from. Consider that “likes” are only temporary clicks of a button, or not…why do you pass up some things but click on others? People do the same thing to us. Sometimes they just don’t click the heart or thumbs up…but that doesn’t change my worth.

My worth is defined by an audience of One. He calls me beloved, beautiful, precious, He delights in me and woos me to Himself every minute of the day. But, I will oh so quickly trade him, while WAITing for the one notification that I equate to approval, value and worth.

Writing a blog can be tricky and keeping in perspective of why I write is at times caught in lies. I can see how many people click to my blogs and sometimes the things that I feel are most soul-baring or what I think could be impacting never get many clicks. But, what seems insignificant to me gets lots of clicks. Does that mean one day my writing is better? Or worse another day?


All “truths” I try to associate with notifications are LIES.  What I believe is a gift to me and a calling to share my story does’t get a scorecard of likes. When one person is drawn closer to comfort, hope and significance of themselves in Jesus, because of my obedience, He gets the like.

No matter how long I am WAITing, Jesus has WAITed much longer and will out WAIT me for all of eternity to seek him and my significance in Him alone. He likes me, on my best days and still also likes me on my worst days, in fact loves me – at my best AND equally at my worst. He just asks me to follow Him.

To do that I have to step away from the scrolling, looking and checking for notifications, let go of the WAITing for pseudo-validation and seek validation in Him alone.

He will deliver every time, no WAITing. 

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