#write31days – Oct 8 – WAITing for perfect

I’m attending an Educational Leadership conference this week and today our speaker posted this quote during his presentation…. 
It caught me for a few minutes, so I started lettering and thinking about nothing related to the conference (OF COURSE I was still listening), but how many times have I WAITed for some other conditions and things to be all in place before feeling like I could move forward?! 
You too? 
I don’t really think things will ever all line up to perfect… 
…a potential relationship 
…deciding to marry 
…starting a family
…making a big move
…change of career 
…starting a business
…pursuing a dream 
…taking a risk
…and the list goes on 
We WAIT.  
Truth is no matter how much planning or prep work we do, something can always happen, we are human and will disappoint and let others down and yet, somehow if we would let go of control, things would seemingly move forward. 
But, that is scary. 
WAITing and giving it a reason (read: excuse) is so much safer. 
What do I (you) have to lose? 
So what if I “fail”…I will most likely learn. And, that will make me better prepared the next time, because once again, it won’t be perfect, and that’s not worth WAITing for anyway. 

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