#write31days – Oct 11 – WAIT, what’s been going on?

(As I mentioned last week, (click here) I’m taking a break from “WAIT” 
on Sundays and catching up on what’s been going on.)

October….we’ve had a couple of peeks into cooler weather and promise of fall like temps coming to Texas, but not quite yet as there were still people in the swimming pool yesterday! You’ve seen this board before, updated for October and borrowed quote from Anne of Green Gables, just changing the “I” to “We” for a family feel.

This week at work, I got a little delivery of Office Supplies for my desk and I do love office supplies. (Click here) if you missed my Grown Up School Supplies post. Whole box of black and blue Pilot G2 .05 pens and take a look at that vintage blue stapler. Amen.

Antiques week wrapped up last weekend and I picked up this plaid flannel from Stash Style in between working the lunch and dinner shifts at Zapp Hall. It is so fun to see vendors businesses grow year after year, I still remember the first time I saw Stash tucked away in a super cool booth and now they are in the cutest building space and have such a great collection! And, a lot of patience as I tried on LOTS of flannels! 🙂 This was for an evening out to dinner while in Austin for a work conference. Rest of the outfit is all a year or 2 old…Gap jeans, Noonday Collection feather bracelet, Banana Republic bag and booties TJ Maxx.

I also picked up this fun dishtowel from Stash. You can visit their website (click here) to shop online with Stash. Thinking back to this week’s post on perfect, believe me, the perfectionist in me wants to iron that towel, but it’s a reminder that imperfect is perfect. 

While in Austin I made a run by Marshall’s and Target. I like to look at my favorite stores in different cities because often times they carry different things! I found a couple of deals, but also had forgotten about the ban on plastic bags in Austin….and the charge on paper bags…10cents at Target. However, it’s a reusable bag to me.

Then I did one of my favorite things while traveling for work…sushi dinner at the sushi bar with a {book} friend and this time was Jen Hatmaker. I’ve been reading Interrupted for way too long…but I just pick it up now and then between other books and studies and am about to finally finish it up. This particular night part I read was about modernism vs. post-modernism in the church. VERY insightful and definitely could relate! 

I showed a preview of this piece on my most recent Lettering Lately post, (click here) and now I can reveal the finished product as these two tied the knot last weekend!  What a beautiful day for a wedding!  The bride and groom worked to make most all of their decorations; he constructed this piece I lettered, then put together with these doors for their aisle! So honored to letter for occasions like this!

Tomorrow the #write31days WAIT series continues…to catch up on last week click any of these posts… 
Enjoy your Sunday, 

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