#write31days – Oct 12 – WAITing in anticipation

Let’s be honest, oftentimes WAIT brings about a negative connotation, but not all WAITing is hard, unless you’re WAITing for the long awaited return of Bluebell….Honestly August 31 should have been a Texas holiday! Hallelujah for the return of Homemade Vanilla.

Maybe there’s something you’re counting down to…vacation, wedding, baby arrival, new house, graduation, a goal you’ve set or something else you’re anticipating.  There’s been a few fun “WAITs” for me this year…

Rodeo “season” 
Spring Break 
Ending a school year 
Summer vacation weeks spent with my Mom and Dad and the littles 
Traveling to see a bestie I don’t often get to see
Starting a new job 
And tons of “little things” in between, which really are big things for me!

I feel like WAITing for something we’re excited about is like children wondering “are we there yet?” because they don’t quite get the concept of days or time or miles.  Even as grown ups the anticipation can seem long, but it makes the arrival that much sweeter and hopefully a lasting memory is created that you can keep forever!

Currently, I’ve been anticipating the arrival of this new bag (my prize to me for my new job), and actually having to WAIT until I’m back home to pick it up because it has been delivered!  Yay!

So whatever you’re anticipating, I hope the WAIT is short and a memory that lasts a lifetime follows! 

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