#write31days – Oct 13 – WAITing in line

Last year during the Christmas season I realized how often I engaged in conversation with strangers while WAITing in lines.  I don’t typically do that, but taking time to say Merry Christmas would lead to a few extra sentences with a clerk or because lines were longer with others while WAITing.

Then the new year rolled around and I went back to my usual line stance….looking at something on my phone. And, I started noticing how often we are head down and not engaging with anyone around us while WAITing in lines. {Side note, I think the physical epidemic of our generation will be neck-related due to lifetimes of screen time}
If I’m honest, I don’t really like stranger small talk, not in a grocery, Target, restaurant, gate entry or any other type of line. However, anytime I do engage in quick small talk, it is 95% of the time not miserable. 
Then I wonder, why don’t I do this more often.  
Last week at a work conference one of our Speakers talked about being dependent on network of people, and how every conversation for him was critical for work, where he was living and information he needed on a quest. 
I thought about how many missed opportunities I have let go by because, for my own convenience, I didn’t want to engage in a conversation. Often if I feel hurried I sometimes walk away and think “I never even looked that person in the eye” though I spoke Hello, Thank you, etc to them through a transaction. Sometimes, a stranger has given me a very kind complement standing in line and they don’t know it but their words typically come just when I need a pick me up. 
So, why don’t I pick others up with simple words in quick conversation. 
Next time I find myself in line, whether in dread of the crowd or excitement of gates opening to an event, I want to be more intentional in my WAIT. 
Somebody might need my words.Or your words. 
This isn’t a current pic/bag…several years old, just the only shopping cart pic I had! 🙂 
Let’s look up for opportunity in the WAIT.

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