#write31days – Oct 18 – WAIT, what’s been going on?

(As I mentioned before, I’m taking a break from writing about “WAIT” 
on Sundays and catching up on what’s been going on.)
A week ago I met one of my besties on my way home from Austin at a local winery by her house…a perfect Friday evening treat! The wine was delicious, the scenery beautiful and seeing one of my besties who lives out of town is always a treat! Also, I am planning for my first show with my lettered art here at this winery in December…stay tuned for details. For more on lettered art, (click here). 

While I was away for a work trip, B has been at Camp 4G with my parents where he’s learned to play cards and kept up his decorating skills. Of course, I couldn’t pass up a cute toy for him in the Marshall’s check out aisle and he was pretty happy with his toy all weekend, and also I think that I showed up.  So appreciate my Mom and Dad keeping him for me, but after a week, he was definitely WAITing for me to arrive!

I was in a school last week and these banners hang from their ceilings in all of the halls. I do love words and these are good words for all of us…

I wrote this week about change (click here), and caterpillars becoming butterflies, symbolic of life change too.  Just so happened the butterfly festival was going on while I was home and we took the littles. I asked my Mom to snap a pic of me as well, a good reminder of WAITing through change. {Sidenote…caterpillars apparently do not attract Instagram likes – hilarious!) 

My Dad has WAITed for 20+ years for the right opportunity to buy the 5 acres next to the 4G.  This year, on his birthday, his wish came true! It’s going to be a winter project to get it cleared up/cleaned up, but will be so nice when it is done! So happy for my parents! #trailerhousebonfire

B and I are back home (don’t worry this was at a stoplight) and a routine week is ahead, which is welcomed after a couple of weeks out of routine, though there was lots of good in that too (click here)!

Hope your weekend was a good one! 

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