#write31days – Oct 19 – WAITing to move

This post is for me, maybe it will be for you, but mostly it’s an “I’m looking in the mirror and want to see where this ends up” for me. You know when it seems like something is so far away, details you can’t foresee, not sure how it will work out, WAIT and see, then look back on it in awe…that’s what this is about.

For me right now, that scenario is moving. For you, maybe it’s something else. 

My new job is 30 miles away. that’s not THAT far in the grand scheme, I realize that. I grew up in the country so most everything was 10-15 miles, or more if it was the complete south side of town, away from our house. I am a road warrior, I really don’t mind driving. I love back roads and road trips. Honestly, after just 4 weeks, I’ve got my commute figured out and it’s not too bad. Even though I about lost my mind that first week.

I love where I live. It’s the perfect space for me. Room for my bike, room for my lettered art, room for writing, the perfect study bar, a garage, room for storage. Room for WAY more stuff than I need.

But, I love change and new space too. 
I can go anywhere. 
It’s just me and little B-dog. 

But, which neighborhood in the City? While the miles are less, the drive time is the same to lots of neighborhoods in the city. I’ve lived in a few of them. I know most of the areas.

But, I love workouts around the lakes. Feeling like there is a little bit of space around me. I know it’s the small town girl in me who loves the feel of being “out” in the suburbs when I’m at home. I am ok with not being “out” on the scene all the time. There are times I wish there wasn’t a drive between me and certain activities. However, I’m old enough to know I’m not always missing out on something.

What makes the most sense….moving is expensive…driving puts all the mileage and wear and tear on the car.  Should I buy a place? Do I want to stay in Houston long enough to warrant buying? Should I rent a house? Rent an apartment? Look for a condo? These are the things that are on constant rotation from all the voices in my head. If I could pick the President of those voices to make the choice, that would be simple.

So, I WAIT. 

Every conversation right now about my new job also leads into talking about where I live. There’s power in the people. More people who know my situation means more people who might know of options, offer suggestions and help with making a decision.

More than WAITing, I believe.  
I know the right thing will work out if I am seeking God.  

Maybe that seems silly to you, it’s a move, a decision I’m perfectly capable of making with really no consequence one way or another. But, I believe while I’m WAITing I need to be seeking God’s best for me. I value community and friendships so much, that where I live matters outside of just me.

Every time I’m out for a walk or a jog I have a running conversation with God…all those questions out to Him. He’s not afraid of them, and if I ask them and ask also for wisdom while seeking Him, He will guide me. I can seek wise counsel as well, and prayerfully WAIT, and He will direct my path. Even in something that seems mundane like moving.

So, maybe you’re WAITing for the next “big” thing in your life, it’s a great season, a season of blessing in fact! But, there’s still something that’s calling for me, and maybe you, to WAIT and believe God for.

And, in a few months I’m going to come back here and read this and smile at how all my questions were answered in perfect timing and be happily settled wherever I am. Because right now, the thought of this makes me a little queasy….

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