#write31days – Oct 20 – WAITing for rain

A couple of weeks ago I drove to Austin for a work conference and passed through Bastrop, an area that endured a massive wildfire in September and October 2011 due to severe drought. The fire burned for weeks, thousands of acres destroyed, homes consumed by fire and lives lost. Every day it seemed we WAITed, praying and hoping for rain.  I can remember other fires burning across Texas that year that were significant and scary, one was within a couple of miles of where I grew up.

Fast forward 4 years and as I drove I really noticed the re-building going on, where it looks like life is beginning to be restored for people who lived in that area. Green was showing up amidst all of the tree trunks that remain.

Then last week another fire lit up in that SAME area.  Just yesterday a fire lit up in my hometown. Again, WAITing for rescue and help to get it contained and eventually put out.

Isn’t that like life. There are fires that burn in our lives for weeks. Then maybe years go by and all the sudden it flames up again. We are dry and weary and feel like it is all consuming. Maybe your fire is so intense you feel like you could burn up in it.

Then the rain comes. 

And, the fire gets put out, the rebuild starts to happen and then we are back to regular life, the fire just a memory.  If you happened to be in the trenches, directly affected, the memories don’t fade away so fast.

Texas is in another drought, though not as severe as 2011.

Sometimes I feel like my own life is in a drought. Just like we pray for rain to keep the ponds filled, the grass growing, the fires at bay, I have to do that in my life as well.

“Busy” will run me dry when I don’t take time to rest in God. 
 I will become stagnant and not growing in my faith. 
Life’s seasons will ignite and exhaust me as I try to fight alone.

Maybe a fire is burning in your life right now. Pray for rain, WAIT {believing God} and keep praying. For life giving water of Jesus to overcome the fire and give you peace and endurance to keep fighting. He is the only one who can settle the fire.

“I stretch out my hands to you; my soul thirsts for you like a parched land.” 
Psalm 143:6 
{But read the whole chapter – it’s short, promise ;)}

Jesus bring the rain, 

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