#write31days – Oct 24 – WAIT for rest

I was thinking all day I wasn’t going to wait until night to write.  In case you’ve been reading this month and wonder if I actually write every day, yes, I do. I don’t think there has been any day that I pre-posted this month.

Today was the first Saturday in a few I had nothing I had to do, I could have stayed home all day if I wanted. I am tired from this week, and was honestly WAITing for this day to rest. As the week went on, the weather forecast continued to predict excessive rain, which we’ve been WAITing for rain, and further contributed to my planned day of rest.

Rainy day on the couch. Perfection.

So aside from going to a fall market for a bit and meeting a friend to eat lunch and watch football I have rested. Which includes a 2+ hour nap. Amen.

All the while, the rain has continued over Texas, to the point of flooding in many places. Hopefully not to end up as catastrophic as Memorial Day weekend.

I kept thinking through the evening I need to write, what to write, I need to write, what to write…

And, really, today, I have nothing. And, that is ok. I’ve WAITed for this day, Maybe you’ve beein WAITing for a day of rest, I hope you get some time to recharge. I have soaked it up and I will keep writing my story as I go. Tomorrow…

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