#write31days – Oct 27 – WAITing on answered prayers

Another one of the hardest waits is for something mostly, if not almost always, completely out of our control. WAITing for an answer to prayer. 

Maybe for self. 
Maybe for others. 
Maybe for circumstance. 
Maybe for change. 
Maybe for results. 
Maybe for healing. 
Maybe for grief. 
Maybe for help. 
Maybe for community. 
Maybe for rain. 
Most of these things I’ve written about this month. Whatever that thing is that you’ve prayed for…often times for years. And years.  Sometimes for only short periods of times. 
Sometimes it feels like the only answer is NO! 
{Insert Garth Brooks…Sometimes I thank God for unanswered prayers….} 
But, the one that feels like it is unanswered may really be an answer, it’s just not the one WE want. It’s the one we get.  Often, hard to accept, and going back to silence from yesterday (click here), begin to do our own work towards resolution which typically is only temporary. 
Others, its seems like WAIT is short, the answer is very direct and firm. For those I am always thankful. 
Always though, it is out of our control. I {you} think we have some control, maybe just bend God’s ear a little with our opinion, strategy, what’s best point of view, but  at the end of the day, if the soul seeks Him, believes Him, He doesn’t need our insight. 
I’ve never heard the audible voice of God, wouldn’t that be so easy. But, I have learned to seek wise counsel, to take time in decision making, that it is ok to say “no” – which in fact might be best, to look at pros and cons. All of these things considered, I can usually pinpoint what is right. 
This is exactly the thought process I look at for moving, to move or not to move (click here), trivial of sorts, not life altering one way or the other, but important to me and the space I call “home”. So, in the big and the small, I go through the same process and seek wisdom from others and also from Lord. 
Don’t give up on the long term ones, every once in a while you’ll get a glimmer, that those prayers are being heard, an answer might be coming. So far out of any of your own doing aside from consistent petition to feet of Jesus with a request over and over and over again. 
Even still, sometimes in others, the answer is still NO. 
I’d like to say over the years I’ve gotten better at taking that NO, but I’m human, the things I long for, when it’s a NO, it’s hard to take. But, I do believe, God knows best, His answer just might not be my wish, but even still, He is still good. 
Believe in the power of prayer, don’t WAIT to pray, answers are coming! 


  1. annalee on October 29, 2015 at 4:33 pm

    such wise reminders!

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