#write31days – Oct 28 – WAITing on dreams

“If you could be or do anything, what would it be?”

I’ve been asked that question countless times and it’s one of the hardest to answer. Depending on who’s asking, the answer may vary too. If it is someone who really knows me, then they know my gifts and my heart. If it’s a stranger, I’m usually less likely to really share.  Maybe I should be more open with a stranger, what if they know somebody that would open a door to one of my dreams.

But, dreams are sacred. 

And, sometimes I {you?} feel like they need to be protected, they aren’t to be shared with just anyone and everyone.

But, why not?

Who would criticize a dream?  Oh, but how people do. That’s what we learn from a very young age…

you’ll never do that.
you can’t do that.
that is too hard.
only a few people ever make it to do that.

Jennie Allen – Restless

So, dreams get tucked away and kept in secret, WAITing for an out of the blue-drop in your lap opportunity.

But, I have gifts and talents that I believe I was given to fulfill my purpose on this earth. It’s the things I’m naturally good at and that I also enjoy doing. So, why wouldn’t I talk about those things, especially if they align with my dreams.

Enter comparison.

Maybe I’m not as good as someone already doing that. Maybe I don’t know the right people. Maybe I don’t have enough money. Maybe someone would criticize me if I told them.  Maybe I look like I’m trying to self promote. Maybe _________________________________________.

For some reason, dreams stay tucked away, I will WAIT on them for a later time in life.

The age of online connectivity has given way to access and insight to just about everything which only fuels comparison. When I find myself thinking comparison thoughts of someone who might be doing what seems like “living the dream”, I often will unfollow or take a break from the site. Certainly not because they aren’t great at it, and not because I don’t want to cheer them on.

Simply because I am in my lane (wrote about that before, click here) and they are in theirs. When I constantly compare myself, I try to put myself in their lane and run their race, but I don’t belong there. I belong in my lane running my pace and the race marked for me. I also have to remind myself everyone (me and you included) puts their best images up for the world to see, we don’t see outside the borders and the every day real life. That’s ok, but when the filtered, perfected inside the borders snapshot becomes the goal, that is unrealistic and that I can’t do.

Coming alongside is different, to build up and to encourage, we need those people. I want to be the cheerleader for others and I want them to cheer me on. I was never the fastest runner on the track and I’m also ok with that pace in life. I just have to remember I can’t make their dreams mine and I can’t let their “success” steal my dream.

{and also Key Men}

So, what is your dream? What is mine?

I feel like my dreams are starting to come more into focus. I told a friend I felt like “40” was going to be a big year, though it’s still just under a year away. So, chasing those dreams is worth the WAIT, the years have taught me well through all kinds of seasons. I feel more confident and settled in who I am the older I get. I feel like I know what I’m good at, what I enjoy and my heart of what I’m doing.

These are my dreams, some may come true, some may not, but none are impossible and none are not worth WAITing for. Though sometimes it seems like dreams also WAIT through seasons or years of silence to ever becoming reality, I know that the same truth still applies in the WAIT for dreams just like anything else, my soul seeks God and His plan, He is who I hope in.

So one day maybe or maybe not….

A Wife. 
A Mom. 
A creator. 
A speaker. 
A writer. 
A farmhouse.
A business owner.
and, an antique typewriter.

Keep dreaming,


  1. annalee on October 29, 2015 at 4:33 pm

    beautiful dreams, beautiful angie! i love this.

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