#write31days – Oct 31 – the WAIT is over

…and then it was the end of October! Time flies!

I have learned through years of waiting and questioning God that instead of always thinking “WAIT” was my “thorn in my side” it really is another chance for me to believe God. That I have to really let go and trust Him. I don’t always do that well.  Much like “the one” I’m WAITing for I have to choose every single day to trust God, believe God and WAIT on his best for me. Not as a punishment, but as a hope, that my soul seeks what He has in store instead of my limited finite plans. His are unlimited and infinite for me, but I can’t receive them if I’m not following in obedience to seeking Him.

Another thing I have learned about WAITing in my own life and as I have written on so many WAITs this month I have thought over and over again how hard it seems in the WAIT and then all the sudden, I am {you are} walking one foot in front of the other again, “normal” is back and the season has changed.

C.S. Lewis is a wise one. If you haven’t read any of his works, I recommend them. These words ring so true, especially when in a season of WAIT.

Though it is so very hard in the season, it is like the calendar season, when you look back everything has changed. Maybe the leaves have shed and new growth awaits, or maybe the sun is shining and all is in bloom. Whichever end I find myself, I know, and I have seen over and over, the healing of time and perseverance of WAITing.

Obviously there are still things I’m WAITing on in my own life, I am certain there always will be. However, as I catch myself saying “WAIT” I’m choosing to replace it with BELIEVE.

It is time to say so long to the 2015 #write31days of WAIT, and you’ll will have to WAIT and see if #write31days will return in 2016….until then I’m BELIEVING in great things ahead for the remainder of 2015 and as a new year begins in just a couple of months.

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