What I’m Wearing ~ #Pinktober

After 31 days of writing and leaving for a work trip, it feels like I’ve neglected my blog! Catching up on a couple of “traditional” posts this week.

Since I’m not in a school this year, there was no “Pink Out” spirit week, I decided to make my own….#pinktober Fridays in support of breast cancer awareness month. Here’s October Friday’s in review….

I put on this black top with my joggers and it ended up looking like a faux-jumpsuit without the hassle of undressing everytime even you needed to use the bathroom. This pink floral scarf isn’t an infinity, I just tied the ends together to make it look like one. Pink (and other colored) oversized studs are making their fall comeback with the return of scarves. These are from Walmart and I’ve seen they still have several colors this year, $2.80. I added a pink cardigan to this as the day went on.

If you’ve been here long, you might remember this outfit from Pink Out last year, same outfit, next year. I was out of town for work meeting and this was easy to pack, no wrinkles and comfy for all day meeting/training. My jean jacket is Gap years old, but one of those things hat gets better with age.

This Friday was one of those “I am ready for the weekend” days, I was headed home for a full weekend including my Dad’s birthday and nephew’s baptism (story here). Pink T with yet another scarf. Here’s the truth: I only have 2 or 3 link things in my closet so I heavily depend on pink accessories. 🙂 My new bag arrived (info here) and I am loving it! Also, this is the inside of 100 year old high school right before I went to an award presentation for students who built AND successfully launched a rocket.

This pink skirt has been around a lot of years, probably approaching 10 years. I need to look to see if there’s a tag inside with the season/year. I’ve worn it with tights through lots of winters, but this Friday was still warm enough for no tights. Striped shirt is recent from Target.

Last Friday, sweater weather! Amen. And a reminder, always HOPE. No matter the storm, always HOPE and believe.  Sweater is from Target, {click here}, just picked up this year so should still be in stock. Pants are Gap khakis and necklace is a long time favorite pink chunky necklace.  

If you or someone you know is fighting breast cancer, please know I have thought of you and prayed for you specifically on these Fridays. That God would meet you where you are in the fight and be near throughout all of your days. Keep fighting! 

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