What I’m Wearing ~ Target edition

Hello 200th Post!!  It is no secret I do love Target, and here’s a few things I’ve been wearing lately, mostly all from Target!

I love the look of the long sweater cardigan/coat, but have struggled to find one I really liked on.  This one I found by happenstance, the only one on a Target clearance rack, and it was my size for $13 or so, which was worth the risk.  I’ve worn it several times and this was one day for work.  Of course, it’s really my favorite with jeans, but no jeans to work, so black pants it is.  Hard to tell in the pics, but the cardigan is cream with flecks of gray/tan in it, not entirely solid.  Mixing silver and gold is also a favorite, so with a gray (also Target) T and gold accessories, it was a simple work day outfit and comfy too.  I looked at the tag of those black pants that day, they are long time favorites from Banana Republic, like ’05/Fall long time….

This dress is another fall Target find, on the clearance rack and was an online return because I’ve never seen this brand in store, but there are still a few pieces online (click here: JACHS Manufacturing). The sleeveless fringe cardigan is from one of my favorite traveling boutiques, Accessorize in Style. If you’re in the DFW area, catch them at the Ft. Worth Stock Show and then they will also be at Rodeo Houston. Black suede tall boots are from Nordstrom 2014 Anniversary Sale. Pearls are fancy $7 Walmart find. 🙂

When sweaters were first on 40% off sale at Target, I picked this one up. I love the look of oversize sweater and flare jeans, (not as shown here). This day I was going to be outside all day at a high rise construction site for work, and was glad I had this sweater on because though it was sunny, it was windy on floors yet to have windows installed and on the roof. See below. Paired it with Banana Republic trouser jeans and cowboy boots for the day.  I’ve also worn this multiple times with various different pants/jeans, just haven’t snapped a pic. Will say the fit of the arms is a little snug, though stretches some. You can still find the sweater online:  {click here}.

Only thing in this pic from Target is white T.  If you haven’t seen the Mossimo layers Ts and Tanks {click here for T}, they are great staples! $12 regular price and regularly on sale for $9. The fabric is a linen/poly blend so had a little texture to it. I wear these t’s and tanks all. the. time. In fact I have 2 of the very same T. #likeitbuyitinmultiples This is pretty much my winter work uniform, cardigan, scarf, pants and pumps. T’s and tanks like these are so perfect base to mixing prints like this.  Pants are another long time fav, tagged 09 from the Gap.

I first saw this sweater in a Target Sunday ad, then picked it up in store on the 40% off with the one mentioned above. I really don’t have much with pink in my closet, but it also has a stripe of my favorite yellow/green color which is really what drew me to it! #oldhabitsdiehard Have worn it several times as well with jeans, other pants and this day was simple khakis and flats. When I was in Target this week, most of these sweaters were gone, since they are all on sale, but a few various designs were left {click here}.

Hopefully this is a little bargain shopping inspiration to your winter wardrobe.  Fortunately in Texas, I don’t need a coat too often if I have on a sweater. However, if you’re in a colder place, these are great for layering under your coats!

Also, this is in no way sponsored by, endorsed by, or heck even known about by Target.  But, if you know someone…I do love Target!  🙂  #TargetLove 

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