Lettering Lately

It’s 2016 and here’s a few pieces I did for gifts, so was waiting to post them until they were received….

This chalkboard was a gift for a nurse, but I believe this quote applies to so many jobs…Moms, Teachers…so many who deal with people enduring trials and life’s ups and downs. This chalkboard is from Hobby Lobby and I painted it with permanent paints. Chalkboard look, but lettering stays.

We had a surprise 40th Tea Party for our boss at work, and this was on the office door. Just a reminder, I do lettering for parties too!

I painted an adoption canvas for a friend I grew up with and her new niece. Her Dad then contacted me to paint one for her, as she was also adopted, officially in 1982!  Canvas is 18×24.  Speaking of adoption, sure did love Jep & Jessica Robertson’s new show: Growing the Dynasty about their adoption of a new baby boy!

A friend recently married and these were gifts to her bridesmaids, 4 who were sisters and 4 who were friends. Same quote/verse, but in colors to go with each of their homes.

One of my besties just moved, and I painted this for her new house.  It is one of my favorite pieces.  Canvas is 12×24.

I’ve talked about how much I love painting words and that they represent families, people, events, etc. These two canvases were for sisters that I’ve known a long time, babysat for and their Mama is a sweet friend. Best part of these, she and her husband came up with the words and the words have also sparked numerous conversations with their girls. I am a big believer in impact of words and when a child knows these things about themselves and sees them regularly too, my prayer is that they will also believe them!

More coming soon, January orders are coming in! As always, you can see more details on my Lettered Art page, {click here}. Happy New Year!

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