Lettering Lately

Hard to believe it’s almost the end of January…here’s a few pieces I’ve worked on lately…and in case you missed the last post, {click here}.

This piece was for a hairdresser, on a 16×20 canvas and I feel like this is how most of us feel when we walk out of the salon! A hair appointment is definitely a highlight (pun intended) of my day!

Another gift for a friend’s sister-in-law, custom saying for her and her husband. I thought this is so cute, and I bet there’s a few of you that can relate! This one is on a 9×12 and I like the mixed font.

These were similar to small canvases I and posted in the Weimary Show, but created custom for a friend’s Christmas Tree.  They are 4×4 and thin canvas, so perfect to sit on branches of the tree!

Another custom motto, this is a lady’s “Life Recipe”. How great is that? Especially if you are someone who loves to cook/bake and can relate to recipe. Shown on 12×12 and I love the off-centered look too!

Chalkboards are fun because they can be changed out, and this one I first did for Engagement Photos and now they are married, so updated for their home with a verse.  Chalkboard is from Michael’s, 20×20 and the frame looks a little vintage.

The Lord’s Prayer, this will hang over the mantle in a living room. Canvas is 20×24 and a great reminder to see regularly in the living room.

Babies are sweet, and even if it’s not a new baby, it’s never too late to have a wall hanging to commemorate their birth day! This canvas is 12×16.

Lots is going on this week for me, it’s finally move week, and yesterday I was at church and passed this quote in the hall. Took a quick pic of it and wrote it in my planner this morning to remind me…all of life’s ups and downs, forget the hurts but remember the lessons!

The paints are packed up for the move….but, I’m still taking orders, for mid-late February delivery! As always, you can see more details on my Lettered Art page, {click here}. Have a great week! 


  1. annalee on January 25, 2016 at 4:57 pm

    What a perfectly timed quote! So excited for you

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