Compliments: Freely give them away!

Happy  Friday!

I am in the midst of moving this week, trying to make a little progress for a couple of days before the movers show up on the weekend. In addition to the move, I’m fighting a cold that comes and goes and yesterday I fought it all day, plus being tired…the day looked like this:

5:20 am – left my house with Tahoe loaded down
6:00 am – unloaded at new place, got ready for work
7:15 am – in the office and a full work day
4:00 pm – last time to commute home in rush hour!  Amen.
4:45 pm – Home Goods, new laundry hamper
5:15 pm – Ulta. Didn’t really have time to stop here, but….

I needed a couple of things, had a coupon for 20% off whole purchase, knew I wouldn’t be out this weekend running errands and it was right by Ross which was my next stop.  Picked up what I needed and then walked through Clinique counter, looked at lipsticks….I don’t typically re-apply lipstick, I usually wear a light shade and was looking for something a little more bold. Found this new color, Cola Pop, checked out and headed on my way.

5:30 pm – Ross – my feet are tired after all day in heels, was feeling super stuffy and wishing going home to my couch was only thing left to do for the day. Then a girl spoke to me as she and I were both walking in the store

“You look really pretty today.” 

I smiled and simply said “Thank you.”

As I walked away, it was one of those times I was reminded how giving a compliment is free, how a few simple words can pick someone up who’s weary, and mostly how important it is to build up other women instead of tearing them down.

And, though I do try to compliment often, today I was thankful to be the receiver. So, thank you kind stranger for speaking when you could have just walked on by.


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