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Today I’m linking up for #LetsTalkLinkUp and sharing makeup and hair products.

I’m certainly no expert on makeup and I’ve used a wide range of products, from behind counter service to over the counter drug store and that’s pretty much where I’m at these days. So, here’s what I’m using on the regular these days, and for a while now….

Neutrogena Naturals face wash is in my shower and I typically shower at night, so this is my go-to for washing off makeup, including mascara. I’ve consistently used it for several years and have tried other products, but keep going back to this one. In the morning I wash my face and use Aveeno Positively Radiant face wash. Truthfully I first tried this because I saw it on an end-cap at Target for something ridiculous like $2.47, and then I was kicking myself because I only bought one!

As far as skin care…I’ve used Olay for probably 10 years or so. I’ve switched around between a couple of different moisturizers, but my favorite it the Total Effects 7 (not pictured), but this Regenerist one has been pretty good. However, when it’s empty I will go back to the other. I bounce back and forth for primer, I have liked this Almay CC primer and have used about 6 or 7 tubes of the Rimmel and it works well for my skin too. The only Clean and Clear product I’ve ever really used is this Advantage for blemishes. It’s changed a little over the years, but my skin responds well to it.

I was a mineral powder user for years (Bare Minerals, Maybelline and Neutrogena) but felt like by end of day I had no foundation left. I saw an Instagram post by BooMama for this Clinique CC cream I headed to Nordstrom one day to try it out,and I’ve been pleased with it. I’ve always loved Clinique because they have great “gifts with purchase” and for a long time I used the yellow moisturizer. When I was there in January they happened to have the 12 Days of Christmas boxes (because they were lost in the basement all through the holidays) and so I also picked one of those up. It had several full size products that I have tried out and really liked, one being this Chubby Stick Cheek Color Balm and the Repairwear Uplifting Firming Cream that I use at night. I sometimes use the eye cream and other products that were included, but not every night. I will definitely look for this set again Christmas 2016.

For eye make up I had a Naked brand palette for what seemed like a sweet forever and I was over it, but it was long from empty and I felt like I needed to use up all the colors I could because of what it costs! When it was finally on it’s last days I started looking for replacement. I only wear 3 colors, and do my makeup in about 5 minutes, so that palette was definitely overkill for me.  I found the Elf equivalent, and it was less than $10 and has lasted me several months. You can see which colors I use, far right for outside half of my eyelid, 2 over for inside and blend across, and left end for under brow/highlight. It really doesn’t matter I’m getting ready for, I still use this palette and the time I spend is about the same. I found out about the Loreal mascara through Instagram post by Big Mama and really liked it, so much so that I also picked up the waterproof one and have already gone through a whole tube of it this Spring, after losing my dog and being on the verge of tears for a couple of months, and I’ve bought a second one. 
Not sure if you’ve seen the new “marketing campaign” that’s out for using conditioner first, but I’ve done that for years, followed by shampoo, which leaves the texture in my hair. I alternate conditioners and shampoos, currently I have this Coconut Water by OGX and old faithful Pantene in my shower. Also, my all  time favorite shower gel is the Eucalyptus Spearmint from Bath and Body which was on my Christmas list this year and my Mom found this limited edition that should keep my stress relieved for quite a while. 😉  

I wash my hair at night and use these two products out of the shower, the volume spray around my face and the sea salt in the back. I only dry the front of my hair due to a sweet cow-lick otherwise, but then I leave the back to dry naturally, which is beachy waves. In the morning I hit the front/sides with my curing iron a couple of times and never really do anything to the back including even looking at what it looks like. #couldbearatsnest

Of all these things, tried and true for me is using white washcloths for washing my face, which means they can be bleached and after a year or so when they are looking like they’ve seen better days and no longer bright white, I move them to basket as cleaning rags and start over with new ones. They are the cheap ones, usually 4 or 5 to a pack and yes, I always fold my washcloths the same direction. More on that and how I store my products and makeup click {here}.

Perfume…I have a couple I use. Every day is Lace, weekends/occasions I typically wear Kate Spade Twirl (middle), though sometimes I wear Chanel. I also keep the Endless Weekend Bath and Body spray for Saturday morning breakfast/errands when I have no make up and a ball cap on and I use it often in summer.

Finally, lips…(left) this is another product from the Clinique box,Chubby Stick Intense Moisturizing Lip Color Balm, and I like it. It is bright pink, so not for every day. I also have Clinique Cola Pop lipstick which is a little bold for me, but I have gotten used to wearing it. My go-to is Rimmel “To Nude or Not to Nude” and I really like their lipsticks. In fact, I keep one in my desk drawer at work too. Last, the classic rose salve in a tube, which I’m much more a fan of than the little tin can.  
That’s it for me, all fairly simple and pretty much all available at Walmart, Target, Ulta and the Walgreens. I typically buy with Ulta coupon or on a sale like last week at Walgreens which was mix-and-match brands BOGO 1/2 off! For more products, click over to the link up and visit Erica from The Slaughters and Andrea from Momfessionals
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