City in the rear view….

Today, this post has brought back all the thoughts…. 
because on this day 2012, my life looked like this…
 which was moved into 12×12 storage for what ended up to be for 21 months….
But in these 4 years…. 
I’ve criss-crossed the country pulling a trailer by myself with only my dog 
I’ve lost my last Grandparent 
I’ve worked so many different odd jobs 
I’ve cried more tears than probably in the 10 years prior 
I’ve gained the sweetest of friends that feel like friends I’ve had forever 
I’ve learned how to build a traveling road show booth 
I’ve passed certification tests
I’ve found a creative in me that has big dreams 
I’ve dated a few guys along the way 
I’ve spent weeks with the littles 
I’ve fought for myself
I’ve begun an entire new career 
I’ve lost some friends who were a significant part of my life 
I’ve been a part of a year long discipleship 
I’ve sat at tables that have held the best conversations and memories 
I’ve shot guns 
I’ve outrun a tornado 
I’ve worked harder physically than I ever did 
I’ve been lied to 
I’ve been on vacations 
I’ve had my car stolen 
I’ve celebrated weddings and new babies with lots of friends 
I’ve had my heart hurt 
I’ve swam a mile 
I’ve lived out of hotels, RVs, my parents and my friends houses
I’ve read tons of books 
I’ve changed real jobs 2 times 
I’ve been a commuter 
I’ve cut my hair off and grown it back out 
I’ve eaten countless meals by myself
I’ve painted words that hang in homes across the US 
I’ve had my own booth at a show 
I’ve buried my most faithful side kick that still breaks my heart  
I’ve clung to Jesus 
I’ve drank endless cups of coffee 
I’ve gotten a bike 
I’ve put 1000s of miles on my Tahoe(s) 
I’ve asked for help 
I’ve had students become State Champions
I’ve served with my church 
I’ve caught big fish 
I’ve learned to tell my story, even when it’s hard 
I’ve learned to enjoy the silence 
I’ve still sponsored my Compassion child 
I’ve missed opportunities and seized the day 
I’ve always been able to go home 
I’ve been published
I’ve been mostly 100% healthy 
I’ve found new things I’m passionate about and also good at 
I’ve failed 
I’ve been loyal 
I’ve pushed myself and met goals 
I’ve stood beside besties who’ve lost their Dads 
I’ve watched my nephew get baptized 
I’ve said I’m sorry 
I’ve learned to rest 
I’ve had seasons that were too busy and scheduled 
I’ve been in the snow and on the beach  
I’ve learned what to let go, what to fight for and what to hold on to
I’ve been honest 
I’ve volunteered 
I’ve been challenged like I never knew 
I’ve come back to the City, one that I love
—and through it all—-
I’ve always had hope.
Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer. 
Romans 12:12  

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