Lettering Lately

Here’s an update of a few pieces I’ve finished since getting moved in and starting painting again…as always, click here for information on lettering. Or, follow along on Facebook and Instagram!

It’s hard to tell size in pic, but these are large 20″x 20″ canvas and background is lyrics to Toby Mac’s song, Speak Life and the client hung them in a dining room. For me, they were a miracle that the words lined up and all fit, because I do this free hand and there is no sketching out of this many words! 🙂

One of my besties asked me to paint a couple of signs for her to take on a trip to her aunt’s house and here they are in the kitchen window sill, what a cozy little spot. I would like a cup of coffee right there please! 😉 

This canvas was designed to be decor for a baby shower and then used in the baby room. I learned something new while painting this too…”baby” in so many different languages. The baby room was so cute too with globes and maps as decor. Canvas is 10×20.

Sometimes words I paint are hard, and this was one. A friend at church asked me to paint this one, in memory of a sweet baby boy who’s life was cut short due to illness. Though only a couple of years, he lived a full life and by these words leaves quite a legacy. Prayers to them and I hope these words will remind them of his sweet life  for many years to come. You can read about Creighton’s story here.  Canvas is 12×16.

This is a birthday gift a friend is giving, a 12×12 which is one of the most popular signs I paint. It’s hard to tell (one day maybe there will be professional pics, but for now, it’s all iPhone), but tried something new and  mixed a little white in the background of this one after I painted the base and it’s looks to have a little texture to it. 
I’ve posted before about canvases I have done for Police Officers,and these are a couple recently completed. Both are 12″x16″ and again are heavy words. I’m thankful for our Officers, and through painting getting to know several of them, their hearts for their jobs and trust in God with their lives.  

Weddings are a fun occasion to paint for a these were recently completed for a bride. She had a fun “guestbook” tree that guests put their thumbprint on and this sign went beside the book.

Last, this was done for a sweet friend’s little girl on her birthday. It will sit beside her bed and such sweet words for her from her Mama and Daddy to remember when she goes to sleep and when she wakes up.  

Words matter and I’m thankful for each word I have the chance to paint for someone.  



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    Angie – I love your artwork! Hope you had a good weekend.

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