Friday Favorites ~ No Humidity, 50% off edition

It’s Friday and it’s been such a beautiful week here of super low, which is the Texas equivalent of no, humidity this week, I have been outside most every day after work, and that is my favorite! Speaking of no humidity I finally “upgraded” (?) to a curling wand instead of curling iron and it is potentially going to become one of my favorite things!

Since it’s been a long time for Friday Favs, here are a few of my recent favs…

I stopped in one of my favorite gift stores recently and they have a small selection of Kendra Scott which included a small(er) selection of 50% pieces. I picked up these earrings and a bracelet, I have worn them so much! They are the mirror rock stone and gunmetal, the perfect “not black” but goes with so many things!!

And, here they are one of the 4 days I wore them in a row last week to work… 

Another favorite lately is the return of the bandanna trend. I love this look! Even wore it once during Rodeo 2015….

And, again Rodeo 2016 and now bandanna scarfs are everywhere! Such a fun addition to a simple outfit, and apparently I prefer my bandannas with plaid…..  
I was recently on the Nordstrom website looking at handbags for inspiration to find a fun Spring/Summer bag. I found this exact bag, liked it, and tucked it away as a possibility, a bold magenta, goes with anything, good size, etc…..then I happened to be at TJMaxx and stumble across the exact same bag for at least 50% off, if not more! #bargainshopper So, I scooped it right up! 

The only downside to Longchamp bags is they only have one small/not really functional interior pockets. And, I just can’t do the everything dump in my bag, so I was on a quest to find something functional to use in my bag, which would hold my planner and a few other pens. {I have a separate one for cosmetic things.} Marshall’s to the rescue, with a 3-pack for $9.99, 50% off the “compare to” price!

So, what’s inside…planner, small notebook, business cards, USB drive, pens, coupons, giftcards.
Perfect for what I was looking for and keeps my bag organized. Another favorite? That one of my besties has these same organizational tendencies I do and shared in my excitement over this find.  We also share a love of pens and have recently discovered the Pilot Flexion, which is erasable and actually works vs. the Eraseable Papermate we grew up with that never erased anything!
This weekend is Mother’s Day and my Mama is definitely one of my very favorite things!  I truly cherish how our relationship has grown and changed through the years as I have grown up and I am better person because she is always my Mama first and she is also my friend. This was from Christmas Day…we stayed at the table most of the day, in between cooking and eating and worked crossword puzzles and it was perfect. Also, my whole family is a lefty, except me and this pic is virtually a mirror image, including as I get older I look more and more like her. #nomakeup #nofilter

Also, she works harder than lots of people I know, helping me move once again. I know a lot of my home habits and hospitality come from my Mama, she sees things that need to be done and just does them, cleaning, organizing, visualizing, unpacking and helping me not only when moving, but any day she’s with me or my brother and the littles. Moving is definitely not anyone’s favorite, but getting settled in and having Mom help me is a favorite part of moving, and that we usually have a couple of good meals at favorite places.

She also helped me with one of the hardest days, losing my favorite dog and giving him a place to rest out under his favorite tree. Definitely no one’s favorite, but my Mama (& Dad) love us so well on the best days and the hardest days and I am so thankful for them.

This weekend I’m headed to my favorite place to hang out and celebrate my Mama!  Here’s to Friday and a weekend of low humidity and maybe some 50% off bargains while in town with my Mama! 
If you missed Monday Musings {click here} to catch up, there’s a couple of other recent favs there, though one that is not a favorite, a SNAKE!! Thank you for stopping by, stay in touch via Facebook and Instagram

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  1. Lisa on May 6, 2016 at 3:14 pm

    Love your new magenta bag. I was is TJ's a while back carrying my Kate Spade version of that bag and a lady stopped me and asked me it was Longchamp. Now I'm going to have to keep my eyes open…and totally agree, gotta' have some form of organization in my bag. 🙂

  2. angie on May 18, 2016 at 10:13 am

    Hi Lisa – thank you! And, yes…keep an eye out at TJ's! #organizersunite

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