What I’m Wearing ~ The years old, 3/4 sleeves edition

So this summer is going to be one of the first I actually have to “dress up” for in quite some time. I’ve been off the last few summers due to working in education, job transition and before that I worked where jeans/casual was the summer norm. So, I’ve been on a quest for some new summer friendly {read heat tolerant} work wear that I can also re-use throughout the year with cardigans or jackets and let’s be honest a scarf.

First up, of course I bargain shopped for new work tops, and between Marshall’s and TJMaxx I think I got 5 or 6 for just over $100, all are different prints, only one is solid, which is green, which should be no surprise if you have been around here for long. Back to what I was saying, #squirrel, this is the first one and it’s a navy/pink/gray/off white floral print that I paired with navy pinstripe pants. I also have some navy cropped pants, gray pants, light pink pants, so it will mix several different ways.

This dress is a repeat, one of my favorites and this time I paired it with floral heels. These are by Guess and a random Ross find one day on a whim, for cheap and I have worn them so much! If you can find a good black and white dress that is a fabric you can wear most of the year, it’s worth buying. I’ve worn this dress with tights, boots, heels, flats and scarves from about September through April for the last couple of years. It is 3/4 sleeve and I think I picked it up for almost 75% off because it was about $8-$10 at Target a couple of years ago.  Also, I have no real tan, but thank you Jergens for faking it with me.

Again with my fabulous iphone..the color of this top doesn’t show up super well, but it is a really subtle mint green with gold dots and 3/4 sleeve. I love this top and it is perfect for spring, and again is several years old. The earrings are from LaVidaLoca boutique and the monogram necklace that I wear all. the. time. is Stella and Dot and was a gift from a bestie.

Another tried and true {read: lazy girl} outfit is this jacket that honesty doesn’t look good open, so I choose to wear it as a top and under it is a Hanes v-neck. #classy The leopard shoes add a little color, and I think I wore turquoise earrings this day just for fun. Honestly it’s surprising that my hair isn’t in a ponytail, as I think I got ready this day in about 20 minutes. It was a Friday and I was over picking out the clothes this week. The jacket is again years old, but again a classic that lasts through all kinds of trends like the black and white dress above.

Navy + black, one of my favorite spring combos! 1/2 of these pics were inside where it all looks black and 1/2 outside showing that really I did have on navy. The cardigan is from Target (this year!!), has 3/4 sleeve and is perfect for Spring. I’ve worn it several times already. Even in the summer when I’m wearing a tank, I typically always have a cardigan with me since the Texas business owners believe in freeze out temps. This cardigan will be with me lots!  The bag is from Barrington Gifts, where you can customize your own design including your monogram! And, the top-knot? This week’s dirty hair style instead of a ponytail. 🙂

In Houston we are definitely 3/4 of the way to summer, meaning one of 4 days is below 80 degrees and will now endure summer temps for 3/4 of the year. 🙂 Sleeveless edition coming up soon!

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