Monday Musings ~ Swells

….a few thoughts, a little scattered….

Last Sunday night I sat on the porch with a couple of friends, chatted all kinds of topics, tried mango sticky rice for the first time which is delicious, watched the sun go down, stayed up late for cake and soaked in a good evening in the neighborhood. It feels like a swell to Summer building up: lighter evenings, schedules clearing, life slowing down a little. And, I love the speed of Summer. Somewhere in the year the planner starts to take over managing all the to-do and to-be and the “busy” gets the best of me, which in itself starts to exhaust me.  Every year Spring seems to be when my calendar is the fullest and nights like these remind me to slow down and soak it in.

At the same time of slowing down I feel like a different swell is building, to something bigger but unknown, and opportunity and change. Maybe it’s been building, but I’m finally slowing down enough to see it. Or maybe it’s just starting to build. Either way, every conversation I have seems to have a thread of intention and what seems like it “comes out of nowhere” but maybe it’s just because I’m listening that the dots on a few things have connected.

I’m not trying to be vague, but it is vague where this swell could go…will it open doors? shut doors? change me? change other things? align with dreams? cross a specific path?

These things I don’t know, but I’m going to believe all of the conversations are on purpose. 
That timing is intentional.
That strangers can be influential.
That I need to be listening. 
And paying attention. 
And it’s ok to be unsure of where this is going. 
As long as I’m listening. 
I love the water and learn so many lessons from the vastness of the ocean, How the water can change; from so rough to make you sick to slick like glass with hesitation to disturb the calm. The swells of the ocean, driven in seasons and tides and storms and sun, just like the swells of life. 
And sometimes social media even speaks to the season…. 
Wherever this swell goes, if it dies down into simple waves or a ride that is scary, I’m going to wonder in the small, and trust God to direct the seas in my life; to sit and soak up the calm from the shores and hang on when it feels like the waves may be too strong and see how it swells. 


  1. Laurie S on May 17, 2016 at 2:59 pm

    Hi Angie… I love what you posted, and especially the instagram "quote". Thank you for writing this – it spoke to me. I'm so busy busy busy doing that I don't hear what's around me – especially what the Lord is trying to tell me. You'd think He'd given up on me by now (I'm 51), but I'm so grateful for His mercies and grace each day. "Cherish today"… Have a blessed day – Laurie from CA

  2. angie on May 18, 2016 at 10:14 am

    Hi Laurie – thank you! And, yes, every day is a new day, so thankful for that!! Have a great week!

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