What I’m Wearing ~ May Days

Around here, April showers brought May….showers. And, actually flowers, because rain has made everything green and growing! 🙂 Here’s some of what I’ve been wearing lately, and if you missed my Personal Style Post, click here, to read my thoughts on clothes and style.

It seems like every time I walk into a store or notice something someone is wearing that catches my eye it is navy. And, navy is a great color for spring.  This was a Sunday morning and included a few of my favorite things: church, coffee and a sweet friend (who’s also on the navy + white bandwagon). The 3/4 sleeve cardigan is from Target and comes in lots of colors and holds up well. I’ve worn it a lot since I got it. However, don’t buy it full price because it will be on sale, I’ve seen them from 20-40% off on any given day. Jeans are old Old Navy, and I’m picky about white jeans, which I believe everyone is, so wherever you find white pants you love pair them with navy!

Speaking of Target, this entire outfit is Target and I bought it as my “Easter Dress” even though I didn’t wear it on Easter, because I was in the nursery and in nursery-wear; which accommodates getting up and down off the floor, rocking babies, feeding babies, bouncing babies and repeat. 🙂 I love that hour every month. Both the sweater (it’s one of those really thin ones) and skirt (hello black and blue combo) are from the Who What Wear collection for Target and I will wear the skirt throughout the summer with a T or tank instead of sweater and some white shoes or wedges. The white clutch brightened it up a bit for spring, even though it was a chilly day. 
I mentioned getting a few new tops from Marshall’s (and when I looked back at that post it shows the navy cardigan from above too #repeater) lately and this is the solid one I mentioned, simple green with a bit of a flutter sleeve. This day really basic with black pants and heels. Speaking of basic, have you seen the #basic, which doesn’t mean basic?  From Urban DictionaryBasic. An adjective used to describe any person, place, activity involving obscenely obvious behavior, dress, action. Unsophisticated. Transparent motives.  I hope I’m just plain basic and never #basic. If you’re like me and around teenagers or heck 20-somethings, it’s good to look up some of these words that don’t mean what they say to know what they really mean….don’t get me started on “watch netflix and chill“. Argh. #steppingoffsoapbox
Another from the summer’s coming bargain shopping finds…subtle pink (again the iphone doesn’t capture super well), gray, black and white. Also recently found on 50% off because apparently mirror rock crystal is no longer in the line…these Kendra Scott earrings and the spike cuff bracelet. I get asked a lot about my glasses, they are from Warby Parker, which are affordably priced and my favorite thing about them: “Warby Parker partners with non-profits like VisionSpring to ensure that for every pair of glasses sold, a pair is distributed to someone in need.” #giveback 

Last up, this top is one I saw on JCPenney Instagram and happened to be close to a store, so stopped in to see if I could find it, and I did! When I saw the pic I didn’t know the back was different, but the stripes and floral is one of my favorite combos! This is also a good work shirt. Best part of it…I happened on a day for early bird sales (40% off) and someone passing out mystery coupons at the door (I got $10) so I paid $5.40 for the shirt, tax included! Here’s link to the top online {click here} which I got a medium, and now I see that it also comes in white!! Might need a 2nd one…

That’s it for this week! Thank you for reading, keep in touch via Facebook or InstagramI’ve linked up with The Pleated Poppy  today, click over for more What I Wore posts, she has great style! 

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  1. Mummabstylish on May 25, 2016 at 7:07 am

    You've got some lovely items, love the last top so pretty. also your necklace is cute..Jacqui

  2. angie on May 29, 2016 at 11:41 pm

    Hi Jacqui – thank you so much!

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