Monday Musings ~ Sunflowers

…a few thoughts, a little scattered…

Over the weekend I went for a walk and suddenly the bayou perimeter is covered with sunflowers almost the entire way of my route. I hadn’t noticed them growing or blooming, mostly because I’ve been inside due to all the rain and not out for my usual walk/jog/bike ride for what seems like a long time now.  I pretty much never take my phone with me (shout-out to the iPod), as this is my time to check out and listen to music; of which, I usually couldn’t even tell you one song that played because I get lost in my thoughts.  
Every now and then I find myself wishing I had my phone, to capture something I see along my route. On this particular day I wanted to take a picture of the sunflowers. It was evening, the sun was finally peeking through the light was beautiful, the breeze was blowing. 

As I was walking, I kept thinking about sunflowers, how hearty they are, that they grow in extreme/excessive sun, and despite days of clouds and rain they were still standing at attention basking in the evening sun when much around here just looks washed out.
A couple of miles down I turned a corner on my route; there was a girl, with her phone, adjusting just right, to take a picture of the sunflowers. I smiled. Her Mom and sister stood nearby looking on, their dog in tow patiently waiting and no one said “hurry up” when I was in earshot. 
Sure, I’ve always been a subscriber to the “stop and smell the roses” philosophy, but the days get away from me and I forget to soak up the moment. I kept thinking about those few moments for that little girl, when the sunflowers caught her eye, nothing else mattered for just a second, she wanted to capture the flowers. She was up close to one particular flower, what was it that caught her eye of that one flower out of hundreds? Also, the patience of her Mom to stand by and proudly watch her snap the picture(s). 
My soul is fed in little moments, not big extravagance. I can distinctly remember 1000 little moments much more so than one or two grand events. Sure the grand events were great, but the person who spoke a specific word to me, the taking of time to invest in me, the little thing someone notices, the intentional interaction, those are the things that stick out to me. And, matter most to me. 
Somehow in all of those little moments I realize I am like the sunflower, standing in the sun, pushing through the downpours, floods and days of dry sunshine that feel like the desert or even sometimes flourishing in the breeze of a perfect evening. Over my shoulder is God, watching and cheering me on, He chose me, He knows every detail, His eye is on me, He’s focused. I’m that little girl and He’s putting together millions of appointed moments into my life that give me strength to stand up and just asks that I show Him off to the world.

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