#LinkUp: Show & Tell ~ What’s in your Bag?

I am linking up today for What’s In Your Bag?  with Momfessionals and I love this post because I love handbags and organization and there’s a good mix on her page! 
Currently, I’m carrying this bag, which you can catch up on the deal on this post {click here}.  It’s a Longchamp and I guess is the large size.  I like big handbag because I don’t like carrying multiple things and this will hold a work notebook or iPad too for meetings. 
Here’s a pretty typical look into  my bag #organizerocd 

The only downside to Longchamp bags is they only have one small/not really functional interior pockets. And, I just can’t do the everything dump in my bag, so Marshall’s to the rescue, with a 3-pack for $9.99.

So, what’s inside…planner, small notebook, business cards, USB drive, pens, coupons, giftcards.
and here it is all zipped up together… 

Lipgloss/lipstick is typically in the side zipper pocket of my bag, but see above and they had to have their own place in this bag, so they are in a small zipper bag. Also, have you had Ice Breaker Sour mints, sooo good!

I’ve had this little camo Jon Hart pouch for a long time, one of those things I picked up in a store on a sale because it was already pre-stamped and I do love the crown anyway! In it, all the things I think I don’t need this, but then when I have it I’m glad I do…tissues, powder, nail file, ibuprofin, nail clipper, lotion, etc.. #packrat

And, my wallet is a Vera Bradley, but one of their “slimmer” wallets. I also found this (and a backpack, that’s for another time) in the same print and I have really liked this wallet. It is lightweight, has more card slots than I need, 3 different divider sections and outside zipper for change.

I typically have a book with me, right now I have my Bible Study book, I am leading a study on Ecclesiastes using Tommy Nelson’s A Life Well Lived study and it has been really good!  Also a notebook for teaching notes.

So, that’s what’s in my bag! Now, I might have to order a diaper bag because I saw it on the link up and it’s camo and cognac and adorable, but I am happy to share the changing pad with someone, I don’t need that!  #single

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