Friday Favorites – wrapped up in a bow

Happy Friday!  I haven’t done Friday Favs in a while, so linking up today for a few recent favorites…

Shine by Bethel Music.  Have you heard this song?  We sang it recently at church and this lyric stuck with me, all the way into the week.  I love when a song does that, speaks truth into me against fears and doubts. In fact just this week, I said this line to myself over fear.  Sometimes lettering words of songs or verses or quotes that really matter to me make them stick with me a little more.

Recently at work we got this email, which was basically like an email from Santa himself:

I love office supplies, definitely one of my favorite things!!  My request: Pilot Frixion Click pens that are erasable and actually DO erase!  {Click here} to get some for yourself! 
A few days ago the girls over at Junk Gypsy posted this photo of Archie in some new goods at their store. And, while I was at work in a pretty comfy outfit I was wishing I was in this. I have that T, but the mix of patterns and colors is definitely a favorite for me!! 
Photo on right via Junk Gypsy Instagram
This week I’ve been on a work trip, and in the late afternoons I’ve gotten out to the pool for a break from the all-day-hotel-ballroom-fluorescent-workplace. I finished up one  book and started Looking for Lovely by Annie F. Downs {click here} one afternoon and finished it before bed that night. Annie is such a great communicator and I could relate to so many things in this book. Words and people are favorites for me, and she finds so many lovely things in the everyday which reminds me to find lovely in the simple and everyday. If you’re looking for a lovely read {click here} and get it for yourself and for some friends too! 

Speaking of work travel, the endless supply of hotel towels are my favorite perk of travel. And, when they are tied up like a bow, it’s like like Santa was here before I arrived, they really feel like a gift to the week away for work,

I’ve taken a few little trips here and there over the last few weeks and I’ve been using my new little suitcase. I had a great red carry-on for a lot of years and it logged a lot of miles, but finally gave out. I picked this one up on clearance at Marshall’s and it has been perfect for little trips. Bonus, it matches my large purple suitcases and has my favorite color green! 😉  #itsthelittlethings

Have a great weekend and click over to ErikaNarci and Andrea for more Friday Favs!  As always stay connected with me via Facebook and Instagram


  1. Laurie S on June 24, 2016 at 4:07 pm

    Happy last Friday of June Angie! How can that be?! It's only 6/24… I like your striped suitcase – very cute! I'm going to look up that song on You Tube.

    I have a "funny" story about those Frixion pens – my coworker went to a meeting this past week, wrote notes in the blue Frixion, and left them in his (hot) vehicle overnight. The next morning, the notes were all "gone". He did some researchon the internet, and found notes that if this happened, to put the papers in the frig or freezer for a while. Imagine my surprise when I found his notes in the freezer (I thought he lost his mind)! AND, all the notes were back and legible! Hmmm very odd.

    Have a great weekend!

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