Monday Musings ~ Stretched

…a few thoughts, a little scattered…

Last week I picked up a new pair of flats, (sidenote: yes, you are right, I prefer heels, more specifically high heels, but a girl needs a couple of pairs of flats) and tossed them in a suitcase for my work trip, one that I knew I was going to be sitting in a room working at a table for pretty much 5 straight days.
Before noon on Monday I had a mean blister and I limped to my room for flip-flops at the lunch break. I had hardly even walked in those new shoes, but also couldn’t hardly walk in them. I tossed them in the hotel closet not to be brought out again for the rest of the week.  
I kept thinking I need to wear them, that will stretch them, but I could barely put them on because they hurt so bad. 
And, sometimes I need to be stretched in life, but I would rather just toss ________ to the closet than have to bear the stretching because it is so painful. 

For the rest of the week, the other pair of new flats I packed were just fine, my tennis shoes for a workout were fine, but I never tried those black flats on again.  

Maybe something else new, or even something familiar will sidetrack me long enough to ignore, forget and not deal with ___________ stretching me because it is too painful. 
When I got home I unpacked those same black flats and put them to the side.  Maybe I try to take them back, surely on the case of wearing them less than 3 hours and only down a hotel hallway they could be returned? They might not ever stretch, I know I can find another pair that won’t give me immediate blisters. 
And, sometimes I don’t toss __________ to the closet because it’s hard, but instead I try to give it back and replace it with something new all together, because the stretching is too painful, 
Then I remembered reading a fashion hack somewhere suggesting to put on a pair of socks with shoes that are a little tight to loosen them up and stretch them out a bit. So, I put on a pair of socks and got those flats back on my feet. 
And, I remembered, stretching isn’t always pretty; but with a little time to work on it, perseverance and a little support it can be less painful. 

I’m also reminded of the faith of the Leper, who with a blistered body stretched out to Jesus “If you will, you can make me clean” to which Jesus touched him and said “I will, be clean.”. {Mark 1:40-41} One day I will pick those flats up without even thinking how long I might have to wear them or how far I might have to walk in them because they are stretched, broken in and are no longer painful. 
And, I remember stretching isn’t always pretty, but eventually the socks can be put away. I keep putting one foot in front of the other for when I am stretched I learn, my faith is strengthened and even if it is painful, it is always good. 
Just like a new pair of shoes. 

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