Reflection. Individual.

This morning I woke up burdened. For people. Not country, religion, race or group. Just people. 
For individuals. 
In all groups, races, religions and countries. 
Somewhere we have lost our way. The individual has succumbed to entitlement and authority foregoing humility and respect. 
Of one another. 
It is not ___________ that are wrong or do wrong. 
Individuals do. 
From speaking hate to condemnation, judgment is not ours. 
Sin is not new to the world. 
Sin is sin. 
Your sin and my sin. There is not “category” of sin. 
I am accountable for me. 
You are accountable for you. 
When I sin, I choose sin. No one forces me. 
When I abide by Biblical law, it is because I chose to. 
When I consider the burdens in my circle alone; hurt, loss, confusion, anger, sadness, illness, fear, it is almost overwhelming.
But God promised that HE alone is good. 
No one else, but him. 
Not me. Not you. 
But I can choose…
To be kind. 
To show empathy. 
To bring light. 
To love. 
To listen to others. 
To try and understand. 
To not judge. 
To pray. 
To hope. 
To believe. 
He believes in me. 
He hopes in me. 
He draws me to him.  
His judgement is what matters.  
He understands me. 
He listens a to me. 
He loves me. 
He brings light to the dark. 
His heart breaks. 
He is kind. 
And I choose to rest in him and my greatest prayer is to reflect him. 
It starts with me. 
Jesus be near. 


  1. Laurie S on July 8, 2016 at 11:24 am

    Angie – Thank you for your thought provoking words. Amen. Have a blessed weekend…

  2. annalee on July 8, 2016 at 4:53 pm


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