Monday Musings ~ Sweet 4th

…a few thoughts, a little scattered…

This has been a long 4 day weekend, that I had not much planned other than planning to be home because I’ve been gone a lot lately and have several things planned in July.  
Friday started slow with coffee, breakfast and a project. If you like peach and haven’t seen peach cream cheese, here’s your PSA for it, so good on an english muffin.  Pause. Exactly my plans for these days and this was a sweet start to the day that also included some time with a couple of besties. 
Saturday was sweet day and thank you to a left over gift certificate, a cupcake to celebrate. 
And, it was sweet. 
I love Sundays. My church, it’s people and our Pastor. He asked me this week about sketching an illustration for sermon, and though drawing is certainly not a strength I ended up free handing this illustration of Daniel 4. And, remembered stretching is good for me. The message will be posted soon, click here. A hot-dog lunch “on the grounds” followed our services and I got to serve spontaneously with a few ladies from my church. The generations there who are a part of my life is one of the sweetest gifts of my church. 
Happy 4th of July! I’m always reminded freedom isn’t free and this is a sweet land of liberty we live. I pray you had a sweet day with family and friends or even if you were by yourself like me there were sweet moments throughout. For me there were no lakes, boats or trips, but it was a sweet 4th right here at home.
Here’s to a short, sweet 3 day work week ahead. 

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