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Welcome or Welcome back! Today I’m linking up with Kelly’s Korner for the Every Day Real Life Home Tours.  I love this #linkup because of these words from Kelly; “…I also like to just see real life normal homes.  Ones decorated on a budget and by moms of young kids who “can’t have nice things” or apartments where single girls live or a retired couple’s home.   I always want to just knock on doors of homes in my town and ask if I can have a tour.  I love to see how people live.” It’s not about perfect or designer, it’s just about home, every day. 
I fall into the “single girl in an apartment” category, so my space is small-ish, but perfect for me.  I recently moved and with moving always comes a little rearranging and if you come back here to my home again, you’ll see the living is also the dining and the dining is also the living and the living is also the office, and the office is  also the living.  #openconcept 🙂 
I received this towel as a gift and it is a favorite, know someone who would love it? {click here}

In my old place I had a built in desk that I used every square inch of and knew when I moved despite not having a built in I would need to have a desk space. So, I did what any good daughter would do; schemed up a plan for my Dad to help out and “together” we built a desk. I sketched it out, he built the top and the legs, we put it together and I painted and sanded it while he (& my parents puppies) took a nap. 🙂  You can read more about move-in projects {click here}. It turned out simply perfect, just right for the space, not overwhelming and open.

Of course once it was complete, I needed to get stuff on the walls, and I envisioned a shelf above, just a simple one.  I found an unfinished shelf at Michael’s for $9.99 and of course used my 40% off coupon and the stain I had and the “office” was finally ready for the finishing touches. Trick of hanging things, use painter’s tape. mark where nail holes need to go, line it up on the wall, make sure it’s level, put in the nails, and hang up your goods!

Maybe you only have good-singular to hang, but I don’t have much space for empty walls, so I go ahead and hang my goodS and use up all the wall space. This was the first round of “finished”, which included a clock print from Magnolia Market {click here for the story} and I wanted some type of frame.

I happened upon a “floating frame” in Ross one day for $6.99 or $7.99 that was big enough for the print, which is larger than 8×10, but not standard frame size. Here’s the frame when I brought it home and snapped a quick pic to send my Mom and show her the deal I scored! 
And, here’s the little shelf completed…the acryllic block says “dream without limits” which I think goes well with the clock-print that has no hands. 
The corner wall has a few things, words (of course) few pics and my calendar. In 2015 I happened upon a Karen Kingsbury calendar in a store and loved it. So, when I couldn’t find one for 2016 I went to trusty Amazon and found the 2016 version. It is perfectly whimsical and has just enough vintage charm. I only write important dates to remember on this calendar; birthdays, anniversaries and heaven dates of family and friends. No plans or other reminders go on my wall calendar. The Dream Big print was a pick up at the Business Boutique from The {Well} Studio and words that are significant to me from that weekend framed in a simple Hobby Lobby frame which goes with the floating frame. 

Here’s the finished product of my little creative space…where I write, blog, write lists, keep up with bills and all the other necessities of keeping life organized. I love this little corner and also the window on the world.

Thank you for stopping by, if you’ve missed the previous link ups, click for {Master Bedrooms}, {Living Rooms} and {Dining Rooms}.  

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