Monday Musings ~ Invited

….a few thoughts, a little scattered….

As a planner personality I do lots of inviting, for big and small; meals, events, music, parties, happy hour, joining groups, etc.. I love gathering with my people, sometimes one-on-one and sometimes in a large group that is intentional chaos. Both are gifts to me and my love language of quality time.

But, when you’re the one who’s passing out invites, 
it seems you’re not the one receiving invites. 

Before I go on, this isn’t a pity story. I am fully ok with, and really treasure, days at home. And, I am long past the “FOMO” (fear of missing out) that I sometimes gave into in my 20’s. I also don’t need to be “busy” to fill my time because I am involved in and committed to enough things that I learned a long time ago when to say “No”, how to prioritize and what I need as refill. 

Months of my calendar often have very few blank days. 

Then I get invited. 
Family dinner. 
Happy Hour.
Just in the last few months.
Often on days that something else was already going on. 
But, still I could say “yes”.
None took a lot of effort, all were intentional. 
And, I appreciate more than being invited someone being intentional to include me. 
When I’m invited, I remember to be intentional with my invites. 
When I haven’t seen someone in a while. 
When they are on my mind.
Reach out.
It might be on a day they have nothing, except wondering if they are missing out. 
Or maybe when there’s a ton going on, but “yes” is still an option. 
When I feel like maybe I haven’t been invited in a while 
I try not to over-think it. 
Though there are of course times when I, like anyone, longs to be invited.
And if you struggle with feeling uninvited,  Lysa TerKeurst has a new book coming out: 
I have no connection with this book, nor reason to mention, 
except I think it will resonate with women and it’s on my To Read list. 
And, if you’re struggling, I invite you to add it to your list, 
and, say yest to the One who’s always got time for you, 
and an intentional invite waiting, 
better than any event, party, dinner, date or trip this world can offer. 


  1. Laurie S on July 26, 2016 at 11:48 pm

    Lovely post Angie. I am getting to that "stage" when I am past FOMO. I am learning to be okay with being alone, on my own, being quiet. Will check Lysa's book out. Looks good – catchy title. Woof to Auggie. Love his pics in IG.

  2. angie on July 29, 2016 at 6:58 am

    Hi Laurie, thank you! And, hope your husband had a great trip to Houston!

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