Monday Musings ~ Launching a dream

…a few thoughts, a little scattered…

This #nolabor Labor Day Weekend has been so good.  After days that were scheduled to look at my planner and realize there was nothing I had committed too I felt like I exhaled a little deeper on Friday as I left work. 
Three days. 
No plans. 
When the calendar is clear, there is room for spontaneous plans and lingering coffee. 
Which was a perfect start, if you call 10:30 am a start, to Saturday. 
In a little Cafe with a friend. 
For 2 hours, with refills of coffee and dessert after breakfast. 
Talking life. 
And, businesses. 
And, being scared. 
And, launching. 
My favorite kind of day. 

There’s been some new going on around here…. 
Starting my MBA. 
A recent promotion at work. 
Leading professional development. 
Presenting a breakout session at an upcoming national conference.
And, I find myself talking over and over again about this work. 
Work that I love. 
Equipping education for students. 
So, I’ve carved out a little space for it. 
It is just a little landing right now, a place to connect. 
But, soon, a place for community. 
To talk about the work. 
Using education to equip students. 
With academic skills. 
And, technical skills. 
And, workforce skills. 
Launching them more equipped into the rest of their lives. 
More is coming on why this makes my heart beat. 
You can click here to connect. 
I would really love you to, both educators and public sector. 
Everyone has a voice in this work.
This creative space will stay of course. 
Style | Space | Story + Lettering
I will always need a place to be creative.
But, this dream…
it’s time to give it a little launch out in to the world…

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