Dear Bayou City Fellowship

Dear BCF,

I can’t believe how fast 5 years have gone by! About this time in 2011 my heart was stirring in  anticipation of that first Sunday. Leaving a place I knew so well to an unfamiliar place where I knew absolutely no one. Except I knew Jesus, and if He was stirring my heart to go that He would show up there to meet me, even if no one else did.

Those first years were such a sweet time of rest for me. I just looked back on the memories I wrote down from that season {click here}, you were such a quench to my weary soul.  In the last two years my love for church has continued to grow. You are led by people I greatly esteem and respect as followers of Jesus. Not one perfect, and often vulnerable just enough to lead us well and teach with authenticity of what living out faith really looks like.  I’ve learned so much from just watching and listening.

These last two years I have found my place in serving and community. Signing up for Women’s Discipleship was one of the most intentional church ministries I have ever been a part of. The weekly commitment in itself was one of refining. Leading a small group, dialoging with a large group, serving together and walking side by side with leaders intentionally each week for 9 months is a gift that is hard to put to words. But, this gift is one that I know was purposefully prayed over and planned and through the years will have an impact that only Jesus can truly know the width and depth.

In serving with littles ministry I reach arms across to greet a baby for oftentimes their first time in the nursery and/or away from Mom and Dad.  The tiniest community group in our church, babies that each have a story, they have been prayed for and so many long awaited.  Your Kids Pastors go all in every week to make church fun for every child, they thrive in their gifts to show Jesus to children just like your Pastors do for their parents.

The community I have gained through these years has been sweet; every relationship intentional, organically grown, not thrown together or by happenstance. To sit on a porch with a friend, grab coffee on a lazy Saturday, meet for dinner on a patio, pass one another in the grocery store, swim with littles, gather at the dining room table with families and sometimes have a slumber party are gifts that have accumulated over time. To know that any member of that community is a phone call away for help with a tangible need or going to battle for me in prayer is one of the most significant gifts you’ve given me.

Bayou City Fellowship, your walls are mobile, as you set up and tear down every week to prepare for me and hundreds of others who come. You show Jesus off to us, when we come with our best or oftentimes our weary worst. You love your people with intention, you teach and challenge with Biblical encouragement and your staff never leads without first following Jesus.

From one constantly learning and growing member, I am thankful for you. For taking me as I am, for helping me find my place, for using my gifts. These have been 5 of the sweetest church years.

Happy Birthday and here’s to many many more, both yours and the ones of those celebrating knowing Jesus because of you! 

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