What I’m Wearing ~ Outtakes

I am not a fashion blogger.

I’ve never wanted a blog that was full of links for me to get paid because I don’t wear “new” things all the time. Lots of what I wear is several seasons old and comes from Marshall’s/TJ Maxx and you can’t link those up anyway. Also, I don’t have a photographer. But, I love (affordable, not high) fashion and putting together my own style and telling the story. I’m often asked about what I’m wearing and where it is from, which I’m always happy to share.

After a year of snapping a pic of what I wore almost every day, and blogging it weekly, I hardly take pics lately. For a change of pace, I thought it would be fun to show the out-takes of recent, instead of posed…

This day I was wearing one of my favorite jumpsuits, I left my Mom and Dad’s + Littles that morning after a fun couple of summer days at home and had to attend a work lunch on our Friday off. This picture perfectly sums up how I felt….a little blurry and wishing for the outside instead of an elevator to a work meeting.

Mixing flowers and stripes is one of my favorites! I’ve mentioned about pencil skirts  before not always being my favorite, but I do have a couple that I really like and this is one. I’ve worn this skirt with several different tops and this day was wide stripes + a blazer for an all day work training. Also this day, excessive humidity and my hair looking not its best. 🙂 #real

Sometime well over a year ago I got in my head I wanted a lavender belt.  I’ve searched in just about every store and boutique I’ve been in for skinny lavender belt to no avail. Until last weekend. I stumbled across this one at Old Navy, on sale + clearance which made it $1.27. It was like I’d found a unicorn!  The day I wore it, I didn’t even think to take a pic until I had already changed, so here’s what the outfit looked like. Also, with a fringe scarf, but forgot to include it in my pic because I had already put it away.

No secret that I love Target and sometimes I find several things I think will be great which all end up to be a bust and sometimes I find a couple that are a win!  Like this day…I’ve seen these loose knit turtleneck sweaters several places for a variety of prices and also have wanted some camo pants for a while. Add in 25% off pants on Cartwheel and $10 off $40 coupon and I was sold!  Bargains are my all time fashion favorites! There will probably be a “real”, not outtake, pic of these posted several times in the future. They might even get their own post. #camoismysecondfavoritecolor

Astros vs. Rangers? Lone Star showdown. This Old Navy “The Lone State” sweatshirt was perfect and of course my Astros hat + cutoffs. Easy. Comfy. And, the Astros got a win! Auggie was happy too!  Actually, when I look at pics on my phone and realize I have no outfit pics, it’s because basically every pic I have is of him. #smitten If you need some happy in your social media, you can follow him on Instagram: @theauggiedog.

Apparently the baseball cap is to short hair as the top knot is to long hair.  As almost every weekend I’ve been out running errands in a baseball cap. Also, that’s 1 of 4 bright and shining new tires on my Tahoe. #notfunpurchase They were worth making the photo. This was Labor Day weekend and after all summer in shorts, I went for a flannel tied with leggings for a lingering breakfast + coffee outing. Deer cap is Judith March, you can google and find at various boutiques.

So, that’s a few updates on what I’ve been wearing.  For more on my personal style…click here. And, here’s a few thoughts to summarize…. 
I hope all of these things will also be the defining of your personal style: 
Your favorites on repeat 
Your size that is perfectly you. 
Your influences that inspire you. 
Your stores that you like. 
Your kind words to others about their style.
Your thread shining through. 
And, your smile, because it’s the prettiest thing you can wear. 
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  1. Alexis Grant on September 29, 2016 at 7:42 am

    Is that floral skirt from Who What Wear? I have a dress in that same pattern that I just love!

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